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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm just curious :)

Ok. Here I am after few years and it took me a while to find out where the New Post button is, which is expected having come back after so many years after all :) I am not sure if I will see my same old Blogger friends here but anyways I just wanted to put down my thoughts here as this is the place I always felt close with and also found a lot of good friends.

What's the reason behind this post? Just a series of incidents that has been happening around me and one that just happened over the weekend.

She is a mother of 3 and all the time that people hear are her sound of yelling at the 2 kids who should be about 8 and 10 years. And the kids rarely listen to their mom I believe, they are kids after all. Whenever I go out with my daughter I happen to see her either rushing out in the car to drop the kids or running some errands. So this week when I was walking past her car I saw the baby inside and the garage door was closed. Luckily the baby was sound asleep inside the locked car, I knocked the door and told her that the baby is in the car. She felt horrible and rushed to the car and picked the sleeping baby and started crying frantically. It appeared that the kid was left in the car forgotten as she was sleeping while they all went inside the house. Luckily the kid is safe and happily woke up after a short nap.

Well I'm not going to analyze the entire scenario but I just realized that most of us are always running behind materialistic pleasure and not realizing what we have in our hands already. If we have a house we want a car and then we want another house and then we want another car for each of us and then we want a lovely vacation and then a sophisticated school and then school is not enough we need to put her/him in all the classes that's available say it soccer, singing, dancing, swimming etc. When will we ever decide we have enough and lets live our lives peacefully. I know we all have to be ambitious but are we not missing what's in our hands already, are we enjoying that already? I have seen people be stingy about food, clothes anything and everything. I'm not judging but stating the plain fact, when will any one realize, "Hey you know what, I have sufficiently enough for me, my spouse and my kid/s" I'm not asking you to retire or go for a vacation all that I'm trying to say is, after certain point don't we all need to prioritize, care about what our spouse wants, what your kid wants? You might be aiming for a bigger house but end of the day she might just be aiming for a peaceful meal with the family. It can also be this way, she might be aiming for a diamond necklace and he may be aiming for a peaceful sleep as long as he wants on a weekend. Are we considering others need? By saying Others I mean your spouse, your kid/s, your parents? One might say, I'm working hard and being stingy and not spending time with my family for them as all I earn is for them. May be that's not what he/she wants after all? Well no one knows how long we are all going to be here, while you strive for the big house don't have the regret that you were not able to provide even a simple peaceful meal to her when one of you is gone? While you strive to get that diamond necklace don't regret that you were never able to just let him sleep peacefully or let him watch a game peacefully while one of you is not there for each other?

Are you going to give happy childhood memories for your kid/s or a memory where in you hardly played a role but let your spouse play a role almost equivalent to a single parent?

We all want to make money and we all want to buy luxurious things but think of the bigger picture, how much are you willing to lose to gain that and will you really be happy when you have gained it finally? It is only you, who can make that decision for yourself :)

Everything in this world is important and is attractive too but it is us the Humans who needs to prioritize if you are going to keep struggling and not live your life and also ruin your loved ones or if you are going to work towards your goal at the same time consider what your loved ones want too? Each of us are fighting our own battle which you may not be aware of, may it be at work or at home, but all that you can do is give that trust that you are there for each other and respect each others feeling and desires. We rarely do these especially in a marriage, we take him/her for granted. So today why don't we just take the time out to know what your significant other really wants in this life? :)

Friday, June 14, 2013


Oh come on Smile Please!  :)

Yeah just smile, what do you have to lose? There are so many out there who just want to see a smile from some one. Your smile could make some one's day. Or it could even make them forget all their worries for a split second at least.
There are so many days wherein I look upon people's face to see the reaction as what they do, how they react on seeing us. Some react as if you never exist and some other gives a disdain look and yeah very rarely I get a very warm smile. There are a group of people who would give a blank look but I guess this at least is acceptable.

So the moral of the short blogpost is to Smile when you get a chance. And yeah I just mean a friendly unexpecting smile.

Your smile can make wonders in some one else's life. Cheers!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long time no see...

Are you wondering what made me login in to and scribble something after a long time? Oh yeah, its not that am bored and its not that I want to update my blog, its only because I was reminded about a friend with whom I am no longer in touch with. Or to put it in another way, with whom I no longer wanted to have touch with or time just slipped off and we are feeling far away from each other both geometrically as well as emotionally.


What do you do when you miss a friend? I usually make a phone call or visit that friend, but when you just don't want to do that what do you do? :) I didn't know what else to do other than sharing it with my dearie dearie friend - My Journal (Blog)

Have you ever had a feeling that you became too close to this friend and you feel like you were with this friend for ages? Like you don't have to explain yourself but this friend understands you so much. But you really have no idea what made you feel afar from this friend? Is it because either of you got busy or either/both of your priorities changed in life?

:( I have no answer for all these but I am just sure that I miss this friend of mine very very badly now!

Miss you!

P.S: Hey you, You who is reading this post, it might be you as well whom I am missing right now. You might be the friend am looking for :) So why don't you just drop a hi 2 me now! ;)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Impact of Facebook in my life! :D

Hi Hi Hi...Atlast I have achieved opening successfully after months. :) Hope every one is doing good. Even though I missed my blogger friends and the blogs, I was too lazy to get back to the Blog routine. Now that I am back, I would like to share what kept me occupied or busy whenever I felt aloof despite of the fact that am home alone almost 10 hours of the day.

Even though I am in a different phase of life and I like it very much, there are times when you feel the void in life (mostly when my hubby is at work). These are the times I dig myself in 'Facebook'. I am sure Facebook doesnt need any introduction. But I am just surprised how Facebook changes lives. Some times I also feel that I get to meet all my friends/ family members whom I miss in no time. Oh Yeah, when i see its just the Virtual Meet :) And you have loads of games to keep you busy if there are none to bug in facebook or to be bugged at that point of time.

The negative aspect is You are contented that your social network is fullfilled and in the reality you do nothing about it. All you do is just in the WWW :) and not in the real 'touch and feel' life! :)

On an unrelated note ;) thanks to facebook and my friends in there :)
P.S: Its my 80th Post :D

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I have a news :)

Drop in ur email address so that I can share the news with ya! You should have got an email from me already :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just a note to say that I am alive to bug with more posts!

I know its been a real long time bugging my blogger friends. Days just passed by like any thing. Life has never moved so fast earlier. Hm.. What do I bore my friends about this time??? Yeah. Its about an interesting movie that I happened to see recently - 'Up in the air'. Its not a new movie though, may be i saw it only recently. Oh yeah..I know ..I have been watching a lot of movies lately and I am also aware that my friends had been teasing me about it. So i just thought its better i admit it myself. At times when you really wanna kill time, this is what you do. Try it urself and you will understand is what i challenged my friends :P

Well, coming back to the movie. Its a very nice movie which is about three characters. 1. A person who does the job of firing people. 2. Young gal who is trying to computerize the firing job. 3. Woman who passes by and grabs the second main role in the movie is what i felt about this third person.

Its a movie which makes you realize that - what you are paid @ work is not gonna live with you forever and if you don't make the right decision at the right time then the right decision might be a wrong decision if made at the wrong time :P Not bad, I have confused enough! :D Mission accomplished!

Apart from all these, George Clooney is a good looking guy (dude :D ) to stare at, so I just decided that whatever the story might be or however the movie might be I watch it till the end :D

Well message thats conveyed in the movie : 1) Never break up with any one over SMS and 2) Whatever you might do, if you dont make your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife feel that you are caring and concerned about that person, who knows, he/she might not be with you any longer emotionally and physically :P

You feel that I am exaggerating? Then why dont you watch the movie yourself and let me know what the message is? ;)

C Ya TILL I bug you guys the next time!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Wisdom of Our Fathers

Effort of resurrection: After a very long time trying to catch up with the world that I was missing so far. I happened to read couple of books in the past few months which include ‘Wisdom of Our Fathers’. The book inspired me to write a review about it.
Pages: 275+
Title: Wisdom of our Fathers
Author: Tim Russert

The first few pages explain how this book came into existence. Tim wrote a book titled ‘Big Russ and me’ in the year 2004 which carved way for this book. The later chapters are collection of letters that were written by the readers of the first book. Tim has taken great effort in categorizing the letters from the readers. Publishing all the letters is no big deal but choosing the appropriate title and presenting it in a way that’s readable and enjoyable takes a great deal of time and effort. Also the book doesn’t restrict the views only by sons but as well daughters. For some strange reason when I started reading this book I was expecting more contribution from the Sons of the Fathers than from the Daughters, but as I flipped couple of pages and reached to the chapter -‘Daddy’s Girl’ I was proved that my presumption was wrong.

There is one chapter ‘Loss’ in the entire book which I really didn’t want to read. While reading this chapter eventually you will notice yourself laughing out loud with wet eyes. May be I would categorize it as the most sentimental pages in the book.

Choice of the words and the subject are pretty good that you will not feel like laying the book down. I would say the most difficult task while jotting your thoughts is when you try to explain a relationship that you cherish/cherished with a person who is intimate to you by heart and soul. It is even more difficult if it happens to be with a person to whom you have high respect and unconditional love. As I have noticed, in this book this most difficult task was made so easy. All the contributors have explained their natural feeling about their father which includes both the positive and negative aspects with ease. This would be the highlight of the book since the book doesn’t speak just about Perfect Dads but also about the dad’s who had their own weaknesses and who also contributed to the disappointment of the family at some point in life and still they are the best for their kids. May be I would say ‘The prerequisite to be loved is not being the best but being yourself’ in any relationship.
There are two chapters which I really enjoyed reading- ‘Being there’ and ‘Loan’. ‘Being there’ explains that a kid doesn’t expect anything more than a father’s presence at any circumstance. All that it matters to a kid is the very assurance of ‘being there’. ‘Loan’ epitomizes that what seems minor to one can be monumental to the other. Sounds absurd? May be you have to catch hold of the book to know more.

On a final note, this is a book which should be a must read for all the Fathers and for all those who has/had a father-son/daughter relationship. If you do not fall in either of the above two categories then feel free to ignore, it’s just waste of time. ;)

On a serious note, Tim the Book is indeed a tribute to the Fatherhood! Thank you for such a great contribution. I Look forward to read the book ‘Big Russ and Me’ pretty soon.

Dads are always great. My personal opinion is I should be really lucky to get a dad for being there always and for being supportive in all the decision that I make. Dad has never stopped me from doing anything rather he would explain the Pros and Cons and leave the final decision as mine. When you are given the liberty to make decision on your own you will eventually be more responsible than ever. And I would always love to show off that My dad is the best. Love you Dad!