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Friday, November 04, 2005

Girls- Breaking the rules????

Yeah,blogging after a short break. Went to college after a long time to collect the hall tickets. While on the drive sent a message to one of my friend "Has Sir come?" and was happy to see the reply "No! He is yet to come, all of us are ready at his room". Reached college just after 5minutes sir came. (Gr8, My Guardian angels are around!) For doing nothing we were asked to pay Rs75 each under the name of common fine. Sounds absurd? Yeah it does. Nothing doing only if we pay and get the receipt our hall tickets will be given.
Since our H.O.D was busy (as usual), we were asked to get signature from an another staff who always pretends to be busy at times like this. Having no concern he said, "Will finish my breakfast, pls wait!" Hahahaha... Nice college, nice staff and nice students too ;) ! There the busy man came after half an hour or so, 'velakkennaiya kannla oothiktu'. Found all possible silly mistakes he could, "Who will write the date?", "You don't belong to any section?". May be its been a long time he corrected any answer sheets, so wanted to have fun- finding mistakes. At last, got the signature. Now all of us have to rush into the office to pay fine. Had a feel of participating in a running race. Hehehe...The biggest comedy is all the other department students are much ahead of us, worse than ration queue there was a long queue. We were standing there with long faces, after seeing the loooooooooooooong line, cashier told, 'Ponnunga thaniya pasanga thaniya nillunga'pa' .
As usual few were happy and few were sad listening to this statement. Like disturbed ants, within few seconds, two different queues were formed. But there comes another comedy after few minutes, I saw a new line emerging in between, hahahaha...(Silly idiot! Its not for 3^2). Girls formed another line next to the already existing girls line, may be some real interesting gossip :)), so that they could stand next to next and whisper! I never expected girls did this mess. There came a comment "Cha girls'ey ipdiya". Insulting, but that was true. Guys were quiet decent to maintain their own queue. But they had their own way, one guy was having around 30 students fine and was waiting ah.. (Its not just getting the receipt, we should get a seal in another sheet with college name). In between these chaos, a junior tried to slide herself inside the line, though I was not directly affected, I was irritated, so showed that anger to that girl by saying "Follow the queue!" and she immediately gave me a reply by saying, "No, Am thinking which queue to follow." (Oops....human psychology- showing our superiority to a much junior person ;)). Till that moment I never knew people could think only after coming and standing in the middle of a queue. All these are simple things! Though its part of college life, I guess we should behave like a matured person at least while doing a professional course. I really had a feel like standing in some cinema theatre for tickets. Worst thing is same attitude will be developed even when we happen to be in a crowd, where there would be no one known like in the case of college. We will be showered with wonderful comments like, 'Kannu therila, nikiromla!', 'Engala patha epdi theriyuthu'. Why should we be the source of someone's irritation? By the way if I irritated anyone with this blog, am sorry! ;)
Then came home flipped few pages in microprocessors...spent few minutes watching a nice movie, "Thiruda Thiruda". Saw only the beginning missed the rest. Hope they play it again. That's all for today. Oh, now the time is 12 A.M, the next day?, Okay, Gudmrng! (Reference to blog posted on october 22nd)Thought Citibank story would be a nice comedy story but turning out to be a tragic one, a sincere advice, beware of citibank! Will write when the whole story gets over.