You are one among them : )

Friday, June 14, 2013


Oh come on Smile Please!  :)

Yeah just smile, what do you have to lose? There are so many out there who just want to see a smile from some one. Your smile could make some one's day. Or it could even make them forget all their worries for a split second at least.
There are so many days wherein I look upon people's face to see the reaction as what they do, how they react on seeing us. Some react as if you never exist and some other gives a disdain look and yeah very rarely I get a very warm smile. There are a group of people who would give a blank look but I guess this at least is acceptable.

So the moral of the short blogpost is to Smile when you get a chance. And yeah I just mean a friendly unexpecting smile.

Your smile can make wonders in some one else's life. Cheers!