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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Who is answerable????

There is a well reputed university called SRM in a place called Potheri which is located 35kms (approximately) away from the city. Click to see the map

To reach the institution few people generally take Bus or Train and few others use their own transport. But majority of the people find the Train journey to be convenient. In between Guindy and Potheri there are at least not less than 5 colleges. So not just the people of SRM take train but also others. So mostly the morning trains are filled with majority of these college goers/staffs. In between Potheri and Airport, Meenambakkam there are around 8 stations. For the past 3weeks, people who want tickets to these eight stations are denied of tickets and are forced to take ticket till Airport for no use. From Potheri towards Meenambakkam, Guduvancherry, Urappakkam, Vandalur, Perungalathur, Tambaram Sanatorium, Tambaram, Chromepet, Pallavaram are the eight stations. Similarly from Perungalathur till Chengalpat there are no tickets. In between there are around four stations. So if the passenger’s destination is going to be any of these 4 stations again that person is forced to take ticket till Chengalpat. May be not finding seat is tolerable but not getting tickets is something which can not be accepted/tolerated. Mismanagement occurs in any organization, but when it deals with the public and public's money, is it not the responsibility of the Railway departments to plan for enough to tickets. At least this should not prolong more than 2 to 3 days.

If a person has to travel up & down, 5days in a week, then his expense would be Rs 70, which actually would be Rs 40. So weekly he/she is again forced to waste Rs 30. Logically speaking, now it’s been 3weeks so every passenger has to get back 30*3= Rs 90.

China is celebrating their hike in the total profit in Railways and Our Railways department is keen only on boasting their wise plan, having no concern about the service they provide : ) Well, now I wont encourage any kind of discouraging comments, am looking forward for any valid, useful suggestions as what can be done : ) Of course take any other means of transport is another idea. But only convenient means are always preferred.

Stones that I threw:

1) Rendu naalu without’la vanthen because vaitherichala irunthuchu for wasting money helplessly :P

2) Filed a complaint in Railways department which I believe is being used for packing snacks! :D

3) Hunting about RTI

Updated: 1) Picture of Email Sent on Feb 28th to 'THE HINDU'.

2) Screen Shot of the forum post, as suggested by 'LOGIC' in comments column on March 13.

P.S 1: Don't throw stones on my blog ;) for this post :P

P.S 2:
  • Thanku for the link- Badhri, all the contact addresses displayed there are only for the Road Transpost :) Thanks a lot for the interest. : )
  • Thanku for the link - Sriram, //Commission accepts complaints only against specified categories of officers who are posted in the organisation which are under the Commissions jurisdiction. Please see Complaint Policy for details.// Says the link. So i didnt submit the complaint :) Thanks a lot for the interest :)
  • Thanks a lot for the suggestions from the other fellow bloggers also :) Tried those that are easy to access :D