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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Varuthapadathavargal Sangam - VS

This post is about you have something to worry about but you don’t exactly worry about it. To become a member in this Varuthapadathavargal Sangam- VS you have to have something that have to be worried but you are not worrying or atleast you must be worried that you have nothing to worry about. Clear understanding ???? Theliva purinjadha???
In life don’t worry about things that you really don’t have to. Few examples of those :

You would have tried hard to make a dish. But just because of a phone call from a friend, where you got into a real interesting conversation, the dish becomes a horrible fry / Theenja dish… Don’t worry. Varuthamey Padakoodathu

You tried having friendship with a gorgeous girl or a charming guy. But that person hardly looks at you… Varutha padakoodathu. Just don’t worry.

You have friends who are abroad and they often use this sentence, “In USA the system is like this.” Or “Inga Canada’la apdi illa, yellamey different’a irukku da.” Varuthamey pada koodathu. Yekkedo kettu po’nu nenakanum… Athu thaan Healthy approach..Hahahaha.

Sometimes the whole class would copy the assignment from us. Idiotic lecturer would give us 8/10 and others who copied from us would get 10/10. Then Kenai teacher’ku oru mannum therila’nu vitranum. Varuthamey padakoodathu. Once again just “Don’t worry”.

Kashta pattu yethathu oru scene or situation explain pannitu irupom, nadula yetho oru loosu “Nijamava?” apdinnu kekkkum. Ketta naa tension ayduven. Pinna summava solitu irukom. Those occasions varuthamey pada koodathu.. Don’t worry.

BTW, sela vishayathukku thaan ipadi. For few other things, only if u worry and feel bad you can come up or improve in life. Like if u didn’t prepare well for exam and u don’t get nice score. At tht point of time don’t tell I wont worry becoz the correction was bad . To judge the correction naama paper’la ethathu ezhuthanum’la. Hehehehe.

Let me know if u have such worries but u don’t worry at all. You are sure to get a applause. Hehehe.

You can also add in more examples to become a member of this VS or share your own experience as well. If you do this automatically you become a member. And if u give more than 5 examples u r a lifetime member... Hahaha Hehehehe. Loosu mari'ye irukku'la. Irunthuttu poguthu :P

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tagged by Ammanchi!

Hi, Have been tagged by Rengaraman. His tag was very much interesting. Pls have a look at it. Here goes my tag...

Movies I would watch over and over again:

  • Nayagan
  • Thalapathi
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Sister Act

TV shows I love to watch:
I watch only movies. I don’t watch any soaps except for ‘Chithiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ Hehehe.
I learnt a lesson after that. Never watch any soaps particularly when Ladies or Girls are the theme.
Very rarely ‘Seinfeld’

My favourite foods :
  • Mom’s Thakkali Satham
  • Sis’s Veg pulav
  • Chithi’s Poori and Kurma
  • Anni’s Bread rolls

My Greatest victories :

  • Passed Law entrance and I got the seat also. But Appa did’nt allow me to join and pushed me inside the Engineering college where am studying now. Huh.
  • I was the 25th Customer to get Scooty Pep as soon as it came to the market.
  • I can never forget when I won gold medal for Shuttle match and one of my friends brother came and told ‘His sis is crying because she lost the game’. I was in mixed feeling. Did’nt know whether to be happy or not.

Things that I hate
I hate when friends call my name like 'Ponna' and my north indian friends @ college kill the pronounciation etc. But I know that its a typical Tamil name. So none to be blamed.

Great Personalities I would like to dine with
  • Mr. Veerapan- Now its impossible. May be I will try after I reach heaven. Hehehe So now I would replace him with Mr. Saddam
    Mr. Osama Bin Laden
  • Ms. Sushmita Sen . U mite know her ofcourse. But I recently came to know that She is a single parent who has adopted a kid. And she is so beautiful by heart as well.
  • Ms. Laura Bush. (To ask how the hell she is managing with that empty headed guy).

Things I dream often
  • To get a dream is my foremost dream. I have never got a dream so far :((
  • To become a successful Lawyer

    I would like to tag

Pls check out your comments space. In case, if I have left any1 untagged pls let me know or feel free to tag urself. Don't get mad @ me for tagging. Ivalukku vera vela illa'nu nenakra mari irukkey. Unmaya velai illa. College re-open- 21st... So ultimate Vetti now.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This morning I was waken up by a phone call. It was one of my age old friends. He is working in Taj and he called to ask if I can look out for some house out of city. I was wondering why they would look for a house when they are living in their own house @ Tnagar. Didn’t know if I should ask for the reason or not. But then after few minutes he told there is some problem with his younger brother who is studying in class 10 and wanted to discuss about that.

They found the Jewels missing in the locker when his mom wanted to wear it for her wedding anniversary. After making a thorough check they found a Mortgage bill in Younger ones room. But the bill was signed by someone else. On rushing to that address in the bill he found it was signed by the boys Piano Teacher. They found the boy was addicted to having alcohol and was introduced to it by that teacher. :O Shocking..???
A sum of 25,000 was got by the boy from the mortgage shop. A guy who is doing his 10th drunk for 25,000??? Or the teacher took the whole lot of money and spent few hundreds on this kid for buying alcohol. To keep away this boy from the teacher, parents decided to shift the house somewhere out of the city. But you know what. That boy raises a intelligent question.. “Ma, yenna ma T.Nagar and MM nagar 7 kadal thaandiya irukku?”

This guy was very much in shock and was telling even I myself don’t have the habit of drinking. Yeah, very true being the earning member of the family, none in his family is used to this kind of habit. Whom to blame? The boy? Parents for not paying required attention to the boy? The teacher? I thought shifting the house was not a wise decision. As the boy asked it’s not a big deal getting back to that person again. I was suggesting having an appointment with counselor or psychiatrist. But the boy deliberately refuses to do that also. Is it all because there was none @ home to look after the boy? Negligence by family members?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I W D- Tag!

A very happy International Women’s Day. All of us have a woman to wish, may it be Mom, Sister, Ladylove or wife. Let us start IWD- Tag…Make a mention about whom you are going to write and tag 8more people.

About : My Mom

Two things I like in her: 1) Mom is never possessive
2) Mom is very Co-operative to dad

Two things I dislike in her: 1) Mom can never be convinced in certain issues
2) Mom hardly takes care of her own health.

Two dishes I love her preparing: 1 ) Paruppu payasam 2) Veg Pulav
Ma, atleast after seeing this pls prepare those two often. Hehehe.

I would like to tag: Check out the comments column of yours. :P

PS: 1) Sorry! I was very much Vetti to do this...
2) BTW, If you find time, peep into ‘Metro Plus’- The Hindu, page 5 under Voice your views -'Gain Knowledge'.
3) Photo Courtesy:

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A smile on someone's face!

Days are too busy for us to realise our friends birthday, dad mom wedding day etc. We hardly find time to laugh or smile. At this point I just felt why dont we try to put a smile on some one's face. And I have decided to count the number of faces where I can find a smile because of me. Does'nt mean I should play a joker's role or give some things or money. By giving a warm smile you can expect a smile on other person or by greeting them (Have a good day, good morning etc). Why don't we all try and see who is the winner ;) You can take my word..'I wont cheat'...Sounds a nice idea.. Hehehe I hope so.
BTW, be careful and dont end up in giving some wrong signals by giving dirty smile...Hahaha. I thought I would read some biography or autobiography.. Give me some suggestions if u have any. God sake, pls,it should not be Gandhi, Nehru etc..Some kind of recent ones. I was in search of Osama's but I could not find it. Thts all for this week. Take care!

PS: 1) Photo from the net.
2) Honestly,I smiled looking at this lady giving a very cute smile. :)
3) Do let me know if u smiled too..Becoz I have to increment my count... Hahaha

Have a nice day,