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Sunday, December 25, 2005

College is always fun!

College reopened after vacation. Was eager to see everyone after vacation. Many have put on weight and many have lost weight. For few, holiday was boring and for few others they are still longing for more holidays. My case is, cat on the wall. Surprisingly, I find all the papers interesting in this semester except PD. Not the smoking 'Beedi' ;) How can that be a subject. This is Personality Development-PD. I could hear someone asking, "Personality..?? It can be developed only if there is some." No, never have a doubt, we have great personalities amongst us:)).

Let me brief about the previous semester PD classes. We were asked to bring candles and light them. Each sitting infront of the candle and were asked to look at the candle with dedicated concentration. SirMadam said the higher flame reflects on your concentration. That is if my flame goes higher than my friend's I have more concentration than my friend does. Hahahaha...Funny! Where the hell could he get such stupid logics? Then we were asked to bring EGGS. Thank god SM(SirMadam) didnt turnup for the day. Wondering what SirMadam is...:)) No I should'nt say that. What if by any chance he peeps into my blogs..

SirMadam told that this semester he/she will be taking us outdoor. Inside the campus when we were doing all this. We were talk of the campus. Don't know what he is really upto. Will tell you more stories about PD in future. But ofcourse one way or the other college is always fun. Take care and bye!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pleasant day!

As soon as we getup, we expect a day as pleasant as a flower. And I expected a pleasant day too. In the evening, we planned to go to a book shop. Was roaming in the same place searching for a better place to park. We came round and round and round several times that I will be able to tell the number of hoardings,shops etc in the same order. Atlast one car left that place and we hurried to catch that place before anyone else could. Sounds silly? Yeah, that was silly. But no other go. Parked the car. Had a short walk till the bookshop. Browsed through all the possible sections. Got 2 books and came to the counter by the time other family members had their browsing. It was a big queue. The crowd was frustrated because of the absence of attenders in other counters. Only one counter was functioning. Finished the rest of the job and came home happily. Had a good time watching a nice tamil movie in TV. Yeah, Day was good as expected. Bytheway, I just came across one of my frequent visting blog, Mr.Dinesh's and thought I would share a nice website from his blog,
Please do spend some time. Its worth spending. Am still in the search to find how to list my favourite bloggers. I will be happy to know from you as well. Okay, thats all for today.

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Nature's Play!

Hai! Was quiet busy in holidays and hence could not blog for the past few days. Though the weather was not favorable, had and having a nice vacation. Seems its now time for 'Nature' to play with the human beings. Still humans have their own things/place to fight for. Apart from these there are still many humans who raise a doubt - 'whether they have lost the characters to be identified as human'. The unfair trial taking place for Former President Saddam. Other countries like ours enjoy watching the big show. Hahahaha. Our country is incapable in questioning whenever there is some injustice-taking place to our own people in our own country. Then where comes the question of defending Saddam . But our people are good at blowing small silly cheap issues like the one that happened recently. I am mentioning about the empty vessels of the Tamil cinema industry, none other than Suhasini and Kushboo. Their image would have been held high, had they kept their mouth shut.
Irony is, these ladies don't have control over their tongue; neither their husbands have control over them. In spite of so much commotion and chaos, Maniratnam and Sunder remain only silent spectators. May be they have decided these people are completely out of control. There are still few supporters for these two empty vessels, is still more surprising. May be because they are good artists. But they should wander around and (loose) talk in their own field strictly not out of that. I am seriously thinking if there are any good person who could be mentioned as 'Really good','not selfish','not self-centered' apart from religious, spiritual personalities. Apart from our dad, mom etc. I mean in general, someone should be known to all,(Some famous personality). Pls, let me know if you think that there is someone as such.

Note: 1. @ Dinesh babu, I think its time to take off the trust on 'citibank'. May be their service was good long long ago........
2. @ Senthil, Iceyez & Dinesh thanks for dropping in a nice comment.