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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long time no see...

Are you wondering what made me login in to and scribble something after a long time? Oh yeah, its not that am bored and its not that I want to update my blog, its only because I was reminded about a friend with whom I am no longer in touch with. Or to put it in another way, with whom I no longer wanted to have touch with or time just slipped off and we are feeling far away from each other both geometrically as well as emotionally.


What do you do when you miss a friend? I usually make a phone call or visit that friend, but when you just don't want to do that what do you do? :) I didn't know what else to do other than sharing it with my dearie dearie friend - My Journal (Blog)

Have you ever had a feeling that you became too close to this friend and you feel like you were with this friend for ages? Like you don't have to explain yourself but this friend understands you so much. But you really have no idea what made you feel afar from this friend? Is it because either of you got busy or either/both of your priorities changed in life?

:( I have no answer for all these but I am just sure that I miss this friend of mine very very badly now!

Miss you!

P.S: Hey you, You who is reading this post, it might be you as well whom I am missing right now. You might be the friend am looking for :) So why don't you just drop a hi 2 me now! ;)