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Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Tell me your dream"- Tag

Its been long since i got to write any tag. Was craving for some tag. But got none :D So just gave a thought to start a new tag called Dream Tag.

How do we go about writing this tag???

Make a post describing either the dream that came true or the dream that would never come true :) Which means one should'nt write about a dream that you think might come true in future :D Gotcha???? If you are a person who gets no dreams like me :( Then write about the dream that you dreamt while you were very much awake- I mean daydream. Hehehehe...
You can tag any number of people as u wish. :) Or you can also tag none.

My Dream Tag! :)

I got the weirdest dream ever in my life. There is an apartment which is like a mini village/city. It has 3 blocks and the block in the dead end is block C and the middle one is Block B and the one nearer to the gate is Block A. In the block C there lives a old lady who is always seen in wheel chair roaming the building premises. Another old lady is employed by this owner of the house. This owner old lady is too bad. She always tortures this old lady who is working for her. Owner oldie has a daughter in law and a son. Daughter in law is also scared by the oldie.

In Block B there is a teen age girl who is kind of mentally retarded. She scratches and hurts people with knife or any other object badly whenever she finds people around her. Though she does things unknowingly she is also scary.

In Block A there is cute little kid. This kid always gives a devilish laugh. The daughter in law in the Block C sneaks through the backside of the building to avoid mother in laws words and tortures. But this devilish kid shouts daughter in laws name and says “paati manju manju manju inga”. And the oldie and the teenager who is not mentally well don’t go well with each one. So the care taker of the teenager and the care taker of the old lady are in pathetic condition. One day they are taken for a walk and if it so happens that they meet each other one in wheel chair and the other one walking. The old lady screws the oldie who is working for her. She uses all filthy languages and scolds for making her see the teenager. So the oldie who is working for her always has to play hide and seek with the teenager girl. She hides in a place and sees if the teenager is coming for walking. For no reason am getting scared looking at the old lady, small kid and the teenager. My house is in 1st floor and I am not taking stairs or the lift to climb up. Am literally climbing or creeping by the outer boundary walls daily. I don’t have much role in this dream. :-/ Why did I get such a dream …. It was damn scary. Whenever I see some strangers like oldie, teenager or a kid it scares me to the hell.

p.s: Sorry my dream was really weird :P And am really thankful if u spent time reading it...Hehehehe

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thottrathil maatram :)

Hi Hi Hi :)
After couple of blogger friends request I have changed the blog template :)
Blog puthu thotram continue panalama illa back to old template?
Princessofgold's blog template is open to critics for few days.. Hehehe...
Have a nice day,