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Thursday, May 17, 2007

5 Unknown things!!!

Long long ago so long ago was tagged by Srikanth . I am extremely sorry for delaying this long! :( Apologies..

I am asked to write 5 things that no one knows about me so far ;) யாருக்காவது ஏற்கனவே தெரிந்திருந்தால்... Kindly adjust with the old datas :D Heheheh..

1. When am angry I would not speak with anyone and i would not feel hungry as well :)) I guess this must have been written under weird tag

2. I always wanted to make friends with girls who wear thavani, valayal and maruthani. Check out this post to know more--- TVM In short traditional girls :) Unfortunately i find very few of them nowadays.

3. I hardly watch TV and especially i hate serials. At times i don't like people who watch TV non stop and bore me as well..

4. I don't watch movies fully. I watch either the 1st half or the last half. Movies that i saw fully are very few :)

5. From childhood Rain kind of gives insecure feeling.I would enjoy the rain only when my loved ones are around or at least in vicinity. So i would rather wanna make sure that everyone are safe to enjoy the rain.

This time I am tagging 5 of my friends whom i have not tagged and who are sure to write the tag. Take your own time. Because i took just 4 months to write this tag. :( Very bad! :(( I still have Raghs tag and 1 more Srikanth's tags :) will write very soon.

Would like to tag:

1. Raghs
2. Pakka Tamizhan
3. Sanjayan
4. GP
5. Protector
6. Harish

P.S: 1. Let me know if any1 is interested in writing the tag :) Will add in the list!
2. Ooops, it gives a picture that am a real bore. Hahaha.. If am who can help it ;) and what does any1 has to do with it as well! :P