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Friday, September 28, 2007

Vanden Vanden meendum naaney vanthen. ;)

Last few days had been using ‘Am busy’, or ‘am quite occupied now’ or ‘Am having quality time with my family’ very often. Quite a lot of friends got damn pissed off with my sudden vanishing act and I thought, me updating about what I was busy with would be apt at this time.

1) Brother and his family had come down to India and we had a real great time together. I have a smart, adorable nephew who is 5years old who taught me to Whistle but I didn’t get it and taught me to show ‘I love you’ in sign language and so on :D . The dinner with all the family members, movie watching, outing and overtime chats in the night were all just great and cherishable.

2) Had shifted our home to a new place. The shifting work was so damn interesting. By looking at the speed of our work, dad kind of got annoyed with us (me, sister and brother). After getting a small ‘archanai’ from dad we all decided to really work on shifting. Having been away for almost more than a year, there were so many things to discuss, tease and bully around in short ‘siblings talks’. Finally we stayed up till 2’o clock in the night and finished with the packing.

3) Getting accustomed to a new place and getting to know things around in the new house were both enjoyeable and bugging (at times). ;)

In the above said process there were so many noteable incidents among which I will share the one that really appalled me.

While me and my sis went to one of the Private Banks to do a task, we were made to wait and there was a long queue there. All of a sudden my sis who was waiting in another queque popped before me and said “Turn ur face and stand” I didn’t understand what she was trying to do. But then she again insisted and said “Turn!” and maneuvered me to do so. I didn’t like the way she treated me and asked what the reason was, after which she told me that the guy who was standing in front of us was taking pictures using his mobile. I said don’t make assumptions and before I could complete the sentence this guy dropped his mobile and we were shocked to see my picture in his mobile. I was thrown aback seeing that. I usually get angry with sis saying don’t be over cautious about everything. And I really felt bad for having taken very light when sis 1st told me. I waited till the errand in the bank was over and went to that guy and told “I don’t like my picture being stored in any strangers mobile. Kindly delete that.” He was very much embarrassed when he dropped the mobile. I assume he did delete : ( But I just learnt don’t take others words very light.

4) Am hammering these while am in travel with our family through Tambaram,Dindivanam,Panrooti,Neyveli,Gangaikondasolapuram,Jayamkondam, Kumbakonam,Tanjaore,Pudukottai,Tirumayam,Manamadurai,Madurai. We went to a temple called ‘Thiruvanaikaval’ which is in Trichy. I would recommend people who get amused with good architecture, sculptures should visit there. Will try to upload some photos sometime later.

5) Finished a novel ‘Seduction by design’ and while I got little bored with listening to music I just thought of asking for the Lenova from Dad and pouring my thoughts and there by updating my friends who got very angry for me not giving any contact number and for not keeping in touch these days :( Due to the above reasons kindly excuse my absence .Yours sincerely… Ponnarasi. Hehehe..Kidding.. Leave letter eluthiye pazhagi pochu ;) Jokes apart! Makes oneself feel good when getting to know that you were being missed and your absence was felt :) Hm.. Ipothaikku avlothan.. C ya in next post..

Note: Look out for a funny incident that happened few days back in the updated version of the same post. Am being threatened that this story will be made public soon :( Thought me telling my version earlier would be better.... Hehehe... Kindly dont bother if u didn't understand.. :P