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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Wisdom of Our Fathers

Effort of resurrection: After a very long time trying to catch up with the world that I was missing so far. I happened to read couple of books in the past few months which include ‘Wisdom of Our Fathers’. The book inspired me to write a review about it.
Pages: 275+
Title: Wisdom of our Fathers
Author: Tim Russert

The first few pages explain how this book came into existence. Tim wrote a book titled ‘Big Russ and me’ in the year 2004 which carved way for this book. The later chapters are collection of letters that were written by the readers of the first book. Tim has taken great effort in categorizing the letters from the readers. Publishing all the letters is no big deal but choosing the appropriate title and presenting it in a way that’s readable and enjoyable takes a great deal of time and effort. Also the book doesn’t restrict the views only by sons but as well daughters. For some strange reason when I started reading this book I was expecting more contribution from the Sons of the Fathers than from the Daughters, but as I flipped couple of pages and reached to the chapter -‘Daddy’s Girl’ I was proved that my presumption was wrong.

There is one chapter ‘Loss’ in the entire book which I really didn’t want to read. While reading this chapter eventually you will notice yourself laughing out loud with wet eyes. May be I would categorize it as the most sentimental pages in the book.

Choice of the words and the subject are pretty good that you will not feel like laying the book down. I would say the most difficult task while jotting your thoughts is when you try to explain a relationship that you cherish/cherished with a person who is intimate to you by heart and soul. It is even more difficult if it happens to be with a person to whom you have high respect and unconditional love. As I have noticed, in this book this most difficult task was made so easy. All the contributors have explained their natural feeling about their father which includes both the positive and negative aspects with ease. This would be the highlight of the book since the book doesn’t speak just about Perfect Dads but also about the dad’s who had their own weaknesses and who also contributed to the disappointment of the family at some point in life and still they are the best for their kids. May be I would say ‘The prerequisite to be loved is not being the best but being yourself’ in any relationship.
There are two chapters which I really enjoyed reading- ‘Being there’ and ‘Loan’. ‘Being there’ explains that a kid doesn’t expect anything more than a father’s presence at any circumstance. All that it matters to a kid is the very assurance of ‘being there’. ‘Loan’ epitomizes that what seems minor to one can be monumental to the other. Sounds absurd? May be you have to catch hold of the book to know more.

On a final note, this is a book which should be a must read for all the Fathers and for all those who has/had a father-son/daughter relationship. If you do not fall in either of the above two categories then feel free to ignore, it’s just waste of time. ;)

On a serious note, Tim the Book is indeed a tribute to the Fatherhood! Thank you for such a great contribution. I Look forward to read the book ‘Big Russ and Me’ pretty soon.

Dads are always great. My personal opinion is I should be really lucky to get a dad for being there always and for being supportive in all the decision that I make. Dad has never stopped me from doing anything rather he would explain the Pros and Cons and leave the final decision as mine. When you are given the liberty to make decision on your own you will eventually be more responsible than ever. And I would always love to show off that My dad is the best. Love you Dad!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Have i come with a tag "You wanna sit in this seat?"

On the way back to Bangalore from Chennai, a girl was sitting in Coach C2 Lalbagh Express and was talking in phone with one of her friends. There came a blushing young lady who asked "We have come for our honey moon. He is sittng there and my seat is here. Do you mind swapping the seats?". The girl promptly responded, "No problem" despite of the fact that she wanted to say "Yeah I am single and I have come alone so i can sit where ever you want me 2". After couple of minutes, there came another lady who requested "We have come with our new born baby and it would be too difficult to manage the baby all alone. If you dont mind can you sit over there so that I can have my hubby be seated with me". Again despite of the fact that she wanted to say "Yeah I am single and I have come alone so i can sit where ever you want me 2", the girl sat in the pointed place.

After settling down in the new place, she continued the conversation with her friend in the phone again. There came two old ladies, who said "We are elderly people and we have come alone. She is my sister. It will be comfortable if we can sit together." The girl jumped out of the seat and asked "Whats your seat number please?" Both the ladies said "Thank you so much. God bless you!" in unison. One of the lady said "There is a lot of change in the present generation. They are unlike us". Friend on the phone said "Please tell them that you will also get married one day or the other and you will also have your honey moon and you will also become old and tell them you will handle them at that point of time!"

Wondering if the girl has come with the tag "You wanna sit in this seat?"

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Negative Emotion come in series?

I was happy today for some strange reason which made me wonder about some thing else. Last time when I was down I remember that my brain accumulated all the reason for me to be more bugged and sad. It was more like my brain said, "Hey you are feeling bad for just one thing that happened. Here! I would gather all the things that has happened in the recent past to feel even more bad or worse!"
Why am i not feeling the same way when I am happy? Why cannot I recollect all the good things that has happened and be even more happier? I feel that negative emotions come in series where as positive emotions come all alone. Is this only to me or do you feel the same too? I am still wondering..........

While I am typing this post my mobile was buzzing and when I shared this with my friend, I was told "Why the hell do you have to waste time when you are happy by thinking some thing weird like this?" May be he is right ;) Thats all for now. Tata..

P.S: I am bored of giving reason for not updating the blog! This time let me leave it to the imagination of readers as why I didnt update for a long time :D