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Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam executed! Is this justice???

Terrorists are people who are to be alienated or punished?
Am not justifying their actions rather trying to see the other side of the coin
Terrorists are after all working for a social cause unlike us the people and the politicians. They don’t demand for lakhs and crores to make a sophisticated living. Instead they are sacrificing their lives for their people to make the people live. Whereas politicians like Mr Bush ,Mr Blair are being paid to invade a country’s privacy and these politicians are doing things to make their living. Are they working for a common cause like the Terrorists.
Why are terrorists created?
When your voice and desires to be fulfilled happen to reach deaf ears, you naturally try to take a powerful weapon to make things done. At times this weapon happens to be violence/terrorism.
When Bush and Saddam are like two kings to each of their countries, who gave the power to Bush to invade other country. Well, he did suspect that death causing weapons are being made and he found nothing of that sort. Is it not time for him to feel guilty for this first of all? Is it not other countries responsibility to warn U.S not to enforce power on Iran this way? Is it not the responsibility of everyone living in this world to raise voice for such an injustice?
Death Penalty for Saddam:
Punishment for even the most heinous crimes should have the intent to reform the convict. The death penalty helps neither the accused not society. It only creates hatred and more rivalry.
Whatever be the case, Finally a great man is dead.
May it be Veerappan or Saddam or Osama, they have some notion. And that is not self centered like the others in the world. If we say Mahatma, Nehru or any other freedom fighter is great. Even these people are great and to be respected in some other way. Everyone falls under one category “Fighting for common cause”, “Sacrificing their lives for others well being”. Terrorists are not after all fools to alienate themselves and make the toughest living.
Ask a poor or a rich What his ultimate aim in life is One’s might be to earn money,fame or to get his/her true love. But it all leads to HAPPINESS . One after all wants to be happy. And so does the terrorists feel.
Happiness and fulfillment will come to you not when you are making yourself the centre of your universe but when you forget yourself and look outside.
Sacrifice something for someone and you will know what real happiness is. Initially you might feel aloof from the world or even a loser but in the long run you will feel proud of yourself : )
Disclaimer: Am not saying all that Saddam did was right.. Rather the way he or this issue was treated is bad. Him killing many people is a differnet issue 2 b dealt with. Am just talking about a ruler being treated like this is unfair.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

As stolen from My diary

Make a guess abt these places name in the pic... Hehehe...

Awesome Vacation. This vacation was too good. Listening to favorite songs in Mp3 player that am obsessed with for the past couple of days. Few are….
1) Paint my love
2) Yen veetu thottathil poovellam kettu paar
3) Anbey yen anbey
4) Sorry seems to be the hardest word
5) Paakathey Paakathey panjangatha pakathey…Hehehe.. Cool song…
6) Uruguthey maruguthey…

Makes you feel contented in life, if you have your loved ones around you in the travel, listening to your favorite songs, gazing at the cloud and stars from the train window, at times glancing the novel which I tried to read. Maaan, I tell you one can do anything in world for this moment to happen again in life. Among the loved ones of mine had only 3 of them in this journey. Had I had all of them in the trip, would have jumped up and down. Had gr8 time... Took 150 snaps :)) Photokku sirichu sirichu tired'a pochu...Hehehe.. Semma scene ila :P Summava.. Unga ooru koothu enga ooru koothu..Oooru patta koothu than ;)

Every step in life is a chapter learnt in life. It makes a difference among people to people only on how easily one learns and how tough the other one learns. So I just learnt that b4 it gets tougher learn it effectively and proceed to the other chapters. ;) Am making an entry of this moment, so I can cherish these memories later and also hope that this day will come again & very often in life :D Any journey I never want it to end. May it be starting from home or leaving home. Destination should never come is all I wish for… But it never happens :((

Bytheway, Oru mukiyamana vishayam am nt this sentimental always… Epovathu enakula irukra poona mulichikum ;)

Imp. Note : We might not be aware that certain things in life would make us or the people around enormously happy. So give a try. If u r ever bored or fed up in life, plan a tour and have fun. Build up konjam over’a iruntha Kindly echukuse me.. ;) I felt I shud share this… Ithanala yarathu happy’ana santhosam thaney : )

And am aware I didn’t make a mention about the place or the places I visited because subject athuvaida koodathey ;) Subject line--- Be happy and make others happy : )

Making sure that your loved ones are safe and happy is what really makes you happy

Seri ;) uploading few photos..and try 2 make a guess were this place is…. :P

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Clearing!

First of all, My sincere apologies for posting few posts and deleting them. I will make sure that this will not be repeated in future. And this post is about a movie that i happened to see today. It was too good. And movie's title is : The Clearing . The story is about a business man- Wayne Hayes (Robert Redford) being kidnapped and the pain his wife -Eileen (Helen Mirren) undergoes.It depicts the true love between the couple. They both love each other but seem unsure of what their lives are all about now that the kids have grown up and left home.

In any relation, trust is the basic need. But, never have enormous trust is yet another lesson. At times you pour loads of love and affection along with trust and the person doesnt value, you feel all the more worse. And this psychology develops like a cat and milk story. ;) Soodu patta poonai thirumba paal kudikka varatham. Katha therilana ask me :D Solren! So atleast for few days you dont trust anyone and on the whole you dont feel like being yourself.
Well this neglected feeling is not only between Lover and Lady love, Husband and Wife, its happens between two friends,workers or anyone. If the trust is shaken, the relationship is also shaken.

This movie speaks about true love which is way beyond just meeting and dating. So watch this movie when you find time, though its a old movie.. :)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Ajith- The Ultimate Star

I have few very important notes before proceeding to read further. :)

1.This is not yet another movie review.
2. Am not a crazy fan of Ajith or Asin .
3. Am yet to see the movie :D .

Heard that the movie "Varalaru" is going to be a big hit and its not just yet another dual character but 3 ajiths. Hahaha! Well, you might be wondering among all the actors why does he alone deserve a post in my great blog :P He is a man of courage. Many of us would not even turn the next day to school if we had failed in a running race. ;) It needs lot of courage to stand again after a great fall. That too a fall which is more like a life or death situation. And giving a try again after falling in front of so many people needs real courage. Ajith doesn’t attract people because of his smartness or his style, he attracts people for his principles which many of the actors lack. He is a person who has his own, distinct principles. And of course he has gained many fans like me because of those principles. :D

I am trying to go to theatre and watch this movie. Paatha theatre'la thaan paapen :).I wish everyone tries to do the same : ) Practically its not possible to give him money or a movie but watching a movie indirectly does all these ;) So ithayathu panuvomey Even if you don’t like Ajith there is this female Asin atleast for her please watch the movie in theatre only : ) Illa Asin and Ajith rendu perum pudikathunaa..Enakkaga konjam poi paarungoooo ;) Hehehehe…. Doing this is not a great deal for such a great personality. The great personality’nu naa refer panrathu is Ajith and not me or Asin :p. Naa Ajith pic mattum thedi paathen onum avlo nalla illa. OK'nu irunthathula Asin was also there..Seri kootam koodumey'nu pona poguthu'nu potuten.. Bytheway inga paathi peru Asin moonja paathu thaan intha post padicheenganum I know.. I know I know :P HAHAHAHA... Its too late... :O Going 2 sleep! Tata!

Check out this link to know the hit rate :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy bday 2 my blog! :D

Innayoda oru varusham aagudhu indha blog start panni : ) Happy bday! Hehehehe.
Ok! Matter'ku varuvom... Have been tagged by Badri .
This tag is called Weird tag. I am supposed to write 6 weird things about me. : )
Eluthuratha pathi onnum ila.. Neenga ellam bayapadama iruntha seri ;)

1. Psycho in me: If I don’t like someone I try to irriate that person for nothing. I know this is silly.. maathikanum
2. Thinni pandaram : Ethathu sapdanum’nu thoni athu veetla irunthutta podum neram kaalam ellam kedayathu… hehehe night 2manikku kooda saptruken.. By the way am talking about snacks and not about food : D
3. Kids: Whenever I try to gain kids attention, they just don’t pay a shit. They ignore as if am doing some job of mine. paathuttu sattaye panama thirumbunga.. Punch- They sleep as soon as they come to me! Makes me go crazy. Infact ithanala I don’t know to play with them.. Hahaha
4. Dreams: I don’t get dream that frequently. People say I do get but I forget. I feel not getting dream is really weird. Off late am getting couple of dreams :D
5. No weird: Hehehe… Yenna panna thedu thedu’nu thedren..Weird kedakkavey matenguthu :P
6. Bore Factor: I often get bored. And its too often that I don’t feel like watching a movie for long since its boring. Instead Fast forward panni Climax mattum paaka thonum ;)

I would like to tag:
Pls check out your comments column. If at all I leave any1 who is interested in writing the tag…Jus gimme a hint, I would tag… :) Tag panittu apram bulb adikiratha vida ithu parava illa :)

Have a nice day,

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thavani- Valayal- Marudhani!

Thavani- Valayal- Marudhani - The trio package missing off late!

Intention of this post is to rejuvenate the memories of the above trio pack. Ippo ellam gramathulaye ponnunga thavani katrathu illa. ithula enga nagarathula. Ithellam pathathathukku intha thuni kada karanunga to make money puthusa pudavai’la pocket’am. Cha. Asingama thitanum pola varuthu. Urupuduvaanungala… Like pant pockets! Am nt sure about the shop’s name.. Let it come 2 the market. Naaradichidalam

Daily wear’a iruntha kaalam poi ipo ellam wearing saree and poo vekrathu ellam occasional wear’a pochu… Etho oru kalyanam, bday na thaan wearing.. Hm.. Infact even if we wish to wear its like some what odd because we got used to not wearing and wearing only on occasions.

North india’la irunthu vanthathum vanthuthu intha mehendi marudhani kaanama pochu. But ithu alteast okay. Not bad! It has its sign somewhere atleast. Valayal innum mosam. Valayal irukra edathula kerchief illa cryband thaan iruku.. Seri etho ellarum nalla iruntha seri.

Athaga patathu naa yenna solla varenna.. lets propose a day for this trio pack and make it a must for the gals to wear it that particular day… Say it like TVM day.. elathukum day iruku…ithuku iruka koodatha. Propose some day with some valid reason. And it should not be like yet another bday or wedding day which comes once in a year. It should be atleast once in a week! Or atleast every month 2nd Friday something like this. ;) Propaganda panidalam.

Comedy! Intha post’ku oru podava katna ponnu photo net’la theduna. Kedacha ponnunga ellam podavaya kattama kaila pudichittu nikuthunga.. : ) ) I was searching for a photo where the girl should not look @ the camera.. Ithu thaan kedachuthu. Antha ponnu kaila irukka mater matum kindly ignore! :P

P.S: 1) As usual--- nee epdi naa epdi ellam personal quesn kekka koodathu pullangala :D
2) Thanks to Vaishnav & Balamurugan for the Photo source :)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rombavey vetti vela! No critics pls :D

Kindly Tolerate! :))

Hi All :)
Konjam chinna pulla thanama oru vela panirukom ;) Pls tolerate.. Hehehe
Would like to know abt each one's perception on the above kirukkal...
It took hours for me to finish this kirukkal. And will be happy if some1 does this a fair kirukkal :))

Have a nice day,

Monday, September 04, 2006

Honor to the teachers with a flashback!

Hi ,
Sep 5- Teacher’s day. Hm.. Got remainded of the speech which I gave when I was in class 12th. Hahaha. Bugged anna to help me in this. periya comedy ponathey late, hahaha princy stared at me for coming that late. It was announced Ponnarasi will give a speech after which we will be engaged by a dance programme. Naama ponathey late.. Not realizing every one is waiting for me to go to the stage and talk. I coolly went to the long queue of my class in Assembly Hall. Then people gave a ‘are you stupid look’ and then one of my friend whispered, “Idiot you are late. Go to the stage and you are wanted there”. Asingama pochu Princy was a very good friend of mine. But he gets mad for any activity that comes under indiscipline. I did a big mess because I was late and everyone gave a bad stare as I was late. Ithellam poga Princy gave a damaging statement, Our Captain Ponnarasi is honoring teachers by not being punctual and by making us all wait for her. Romba asingama pochu.. cha Hm. Anyway once insulted is insulted. Even today friends called me and teased saying “hey we want someone to honor our Lecturers, Konjam vanthu etti paathutu po, Princy maari nallavaru ila, Adjust panniko ”

Hm.. I wished few of my favourite school teachers today. They were all happy. And I was happy too to make someone happy. By the way I wanted to say if any of you have your teacher’s phone numbers, just don’t hesitate. Go ahead and dial the number. We really don’t know how happy they can be for just a few bugs phone call. Cheap but efficient way ; ) I also hate few teachers for few reasons. Antha maari ethathu flash back iruntha SORRY forget this whole idea. Ethukku hate theriyuma … I was horrible in Maths when I was in class 10. Whenever she gives some question to work out in the class, I should say I never tried to work out. Because I knew I won’t get the right answer. And you should see the way she mocks and makes jokes when I near the board. The biggest comedy is I know I wont get the answer : ) ) but will pretend like am doing something. Paati’ma athayum kandupudichudum, Kanitha methai Ponnarasi etho theorem kandu pudikiranga ellam ezhuthikinga sollitu sirikum Well have to mention her age. She was rocking at that age. She was above 65. Each and every class yenna board’ku anuppi insult panama paati’ku thookam varathu. Itha vida periya koothu yenna’na Once a guy was looking through the window. She called him and said “figure ellam nalla irukungala’pa.. Venumna keela poi nalla paathutu variya : ) ) Ellam unakku akka thaan 12vathu padikiranga kanna” Hehehe So yarathu yenna kindal panna aramicha naanga target antha payyan kita thirupiduvom : ) ) Then in one exam I got very low marks which was obvious, I knew I will get bad marks and I expected that will be a fail mark. Just scraped through but then too she insulted saying “pullangala kanitha methai mariye mark vaanganum. Yey tho paru nee yen ivlo mark vaangna @ another leader.”

In our school depending on each subjects mark parents have to meet the concerned faculty. But to my surprise when she was reading the list of students who should bring their parents for the meet. She did’nt read my name : ) ) Am still not sure if she left my name by mistake or intentionally didn’t read. Have told daily insults to amma and appa. I was just feeling bad ithukku poi appa amma school’ku vara vekanuma’nu . Often amma used to take my 9th standard maths papers and show. “See there is something wrong. What happened to you all of a sudden”. In class 9, I always got 50/50 and also got award from Raguvaran for getting highest marks from 1st STD. I was shifted to another school in Class 10 may be that was a reason and also Paati teacher bugged me.

Seri flashback romba otren, Podum ithhoda niruthikuvom. By the way in all my school years I just hate the Maths teachers because I was very poor in Maths. After that say when I came to 11th I was not this bad in maths. M’aam though am not matured enough to call you and wish you. :P This post is just dedicated for you. : ) ) itha vida periya nanddri kadan yennava irukka mudiyum. Ungala blog ulagathula prabalam akkitom’la.

Makkaley if at all you happen to see a m’aam similar to those mentioned above for heaven sake don’t tell that I told you all these : ) ) Apram she might take revenge on Junior Ponnarasi : ) ) Hahahah hehehe hohohoho.

Seri ellarum avanga avanga flashback poidatheenga.. oru idea neengalum yarathu unga teacher’sku ippo naa mela kanikkai seluthuna maari seluthanum’na oru post podunga about the teacher whom you dislike most or atleast make a mention in my comments column. So konjam I will get a feeling that I was not the only one in world who was insulted so badly :D

Have a nice day,

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Have been Tagged by Shpriya! .

Hi, Have been Tagged by Shpriya! .I am extremely sorry for replying really late to your tag. Apologies : ) To add more, I love writing tags. Athaan niruthi nithanama yosichi enjoy panni ezhuthren : ) Hope you understand. Seri ithu oru e-mail range’ku poguthu Hehehe… Coming to the tag..
Nammala pathi yethathu sollum pothey rumba gavanama irukanum bcoz namma tharpugazhchi panida neraya vaaipu iruku.. So jaagratha Arasi :P
I'm thinking about: Day after tomorrow’s Cycle test.
I said: Yetha pathi I said???? :-/ I say/talk a lot or lot of things : ) )
I wish: To make everyone happy. Every1 romba kashtam so mudinja varaki I don’t spoil any1 being happy which is equivalent to my wish.
I hear: “Kollayile thennai” song from Kadhalan.
I wonder: Why everyone has some regret or grudges in life. Like no one is ready to say “I lived a perfect life” or “Am living happy”. Everyone has something that bugs about the past or that is bothering about the future. I am talking about the majority here. There might be few who says am happy always.
I regret: For not taking a career which deals with meeting and getting to know lots of people, their nature, things that make them happy and things that put them off..
I am: Ponnarasi happens to be Piscean . Hehehehe Vera yenna solrathu
I dance(d): In school culturals, thillana thillana show (SunTv).
I sing: (I sang) Used to sing. (Learnt carnatic for few years) But lost interest so stopped singing and started listening.
I cry: When I see others crying. This is very recently. Hahaha..Wierd ;)
I'm not always: Friendly. At times when am in a bad mood I turn out to be the rudest person in earth.
I make with my hands: Food. (Only when Amma and Sister are not @ home. Under compulsion will cook)
I write: Down inspiring quotes. Hehehe enodathu ila.. Yaaro Write’nathu
I confuse: When buying books. Feel like buying all. Sometimes end up buying nothing : ) ) Hehehehe.
I need: Broadband asap. This phone bill is bugging :P
And finally: I would like to tag 10 bloggers who wish to write TAG.
1) TV Badri …(Ayayo TV naa podavey ilaye epdi vanthuthu :P )
2) Photo Senthil (Ayayo Photo naa podavey ilaye.. :P )
3) Adult only photo podum Thamizhan ( Hehehe.. Adult only :O Thappachey)
4) Kalluri Salai Gops ( Orey flashback’a ezhuthum pakkathamizhan. Complimentary’a thaan telling nadakratha ezhuthrathu easy but nadanthatha nenachu paathu ezhuthrathukku oru therama venum : ).. )
5) Kavitha (Her blog is itself a poem : ) )
6) Digi Cam Bala ( Hm. Pussa digi cam vangneengaley photo enga?? )
7) Talkative man ( I don’t think he is talking much :-/ May be I don’t know much about him )
8) Aravind (Back tag panitom’la :P Hehehe.)
9) Thidirnu blogworld vittu escape aana Karthik ( Suppose blog pakkam ellam vantha tag ezhutha paarunga )
10) Sumi (Homely blog! I feel am reading or talking with my neighbour : ))
11) Shiv....(Her blogs are really from heart :) )
12) Sanjayan (He is a actor by heart ;) )

Hope every1 writes the tag.. Hehe.. Tag paniten konjam ezhthidunga pls :P
Have a nice day,

P.S: Was doing in a hurry and hence couldnt paste the links..Sorry!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Cry House!!!

Hi Hi Hi ;)
Its been very long since I wrote a post. Yenna panrathu rumba busy’nu sollanum’nu thaan aasai … Hehehe.. Busy ellam ila.. Its just that the laziness disease has caught me. Was busy reading few interesting books. Will later write a review about it if I think am matured enough to do it. Ulagathula ethetho nadakuthu hm… End of the day if every one is doing good. Nallathu thaney : )

I was just thinking about the laughing therapy. Heard from many that it is really wonderful and it really works well. But I just felt there should be something called crying therapy where anyone with below such reasons can come in and cry and go.

1)Who has a problem to mull over without any solution

2)Who is in deep trouble and its impossible to come over that

3)Who feels or regrets about the past

4)Etc etc etc

Sounds funny or weird isn’t it???? But give a thought and we will know the benefits of this. Because many a times people are in search of shoulders to cry. If at all we find one, either we don’t want the other person to know about the reason for our gloominess or we feel shame to cry. Laughing therapy works in few cases. Agreed. May be it works when we are in the 1 st stage of our gloominess. Second stage is a stage where we have no words to talk or discuss about it to any one anymore. Appo poi loosu mari sirichitu irukka mudiyuma… Main condition to enter this place is Ethukku azhura’nu mattum yarathu ketta mothalla thooki velila potudanum I don’t ask my friends why they are dull or bothered. Will patiently listen to them when they readily come up with that issue and will try to give some sensible suggestion. Otherwise would just lend my ears. I feel listening to others trouble is half solving it. : )
Let me clear one point. I don’t mean everyone should cry for everything/ anything. I just mean when you feel you have to or you want to, there should be a place for that. There might arise a question “We can do this anywhere. Why a place for this?” Psychologically when we see someone else having some problem we feel ours is far better. We also feel we are not the only one facing things this way.

Oru prayer house, light house irukkum bothu naama yen oru “Crying house” vekka koodathu or “Shoulder 4 u” program nadatha koodathu.. Hm. Well ! Will wait and execute the plan when time comes : ) Ungalukku ellarukkum free admission… Hehehe..Fees vaangama ulla sethuka solren. Hehehehe.

p.s: Mokka mari Y this post, Any problem?, wts up in life? nu ethathu ketta… Apram Osama maama solli…… ayoo already orey galatta’va iruku ethukku maama ellam? Illa! : ) Hehehe…

Have a nice day,

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Attractive Advertisements!

You Are 3% Selfish

In other words, you're a warm, caring considerate person.
Just make sure to get your way sometimes. There's a fine line between unselfish and pushover.

Try this :) It was fun ;)

Attractive Advertisements!

Final year (7th sem) started. Our department classes are shifted to a different building and its kind of different experience here. Was watching TV this evening and found many advertisements really gaining the attention of the viewers. May be I should say it had some realistic touch than others. Let me mention few of the add which I feel you should never miss watching it..

1) Good Day Where the man splashes water on a kid and happens to wait in traffic signal.. That one
2) Aashirvad Where Sneha prepares Chappathi and her kid dances..
3) Life Insurance Not sure about the name.. :-/ Its goes like the grandkid asks for cycle to grandfather…
4) Marie Buiscuit The add in which ‘Yennai maranthathu yen’nu Tea paadum ;)

Ivlo thaan gnabagam irukku.. Let me know if there are any adds worth mentioning about and I missed watching it or mentioning about it..

Okie.. That’s all for now.

Have a nice day,

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Unforgettable 30th June 2006!

Was busy these days. Had Semester exams followed by Campus Interview. Mostly Ithukku mela vettiya thaan irupen ;) Had a great time today with friends and another IT company recruiters. 4 of us from different departments offered to volunteer. And had a real good time. People from this company were really cool and amazing. Infact these people were more interactive than the one where am selected. Hm.. Interact pannava vellaku porom vela seyathaney porom… So b happy with wt u got ;) Hahaha.
By the way forgot to mention wonderful news :D First day wrote the written test and was waiting for the results in host institution. Happened to meet old friends and made new friends as well. Campus ellam suthi pathuttu kadasiya canteen vanthu kotti mudichom ;) Then we were told results will be announced in the auditorium around 7 in the evening. Then those people should come for Technical Interview and the rest can go and prepare for other companies. Went to the auditorium around 7.10 and padichanga padichanga avlooooo names padichanga.. Ponnarasi.K padicha apram thaan seri seri intha company is lucky’nu nenachen… Hehehe Konjam over thaan ila ;). Was not that happy till I heard my other friend’s name. Still one of my friend got placed in the company which came today :-/ Hm ellam nallathukku thaan : ) Then next day went for Tech Intrvew in our campus itself and those who clear tech intrvws were given HR form and then directed 2 the HR’s for Intrvew. Finally this result was announced in our seminar hall around 8 in the evening. Placement opicer namma pera padicharu orey santhosham ;) So this JUNE 30 was something special and memorable too. Namma route clear so thought of helping others.. and went as volunteer yesterday & today. Had a great time as told earlier and almost all my friends are placed now : ) Seri ivlo periya mokka potutu yentha company perum solavey ila’la… Unga brain ellam thoosi thatta thaan… Try 2 guess : ) Find with the help of below clue… And that’s all for now.. Tata.

Clue : The company where am placed has 3 levels--- > Written, Tech & HR.

Have a nice day,

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why is it that women are more possessive than men are? Or is it just perception??

Why is it that women are more possessive than men are? Or is it just perception??

Disclaimer: Women who can’t accept the truth, please don’t read this post; Men who think womankind is the worst sin of god also don’t read this post : )

I find many women are more possessive than men. They are possessive to another human being (of same sex or opposite sex) or some things/object or plant or something. Is it because majority of them are naïve compared to men? Or the whole concept is just perception.

For example, any girl after marriage expects that the guy’s world should revolve only around her. In many cases they are not allowing the guy to talk to his Siblings, parents also. Sounds weird? Yeah it has happened this way and is still happening. I can write a big list of women like this but I hardly remember men being like this. May be a handful of men are of this sort.

I had 3 close friends in school life and yeah they are still my friends. Fortunately or unfortunately there was only hatred among the three. So I can never have a good time with all the 3 friends. One among the 3 friends told “I hate ‘X & ‘Y’ because of you”. I was appalled and asked how that could be. And I got the answer “I don’t like you having lunch with them, talking with them in short being friendly with them”. I would only call this as possessiveness. I was always wondering why all my 3 friends are always in a cold war and later as said above I got an answer it was nothing but possessiveness.

Well if at all you realize that you are growing possessive then

Try to keep away from that person. I don’t mean run away just keep away.

Never let the other one know that you are possessive because there are people who will take you a ride knowing this.

Anyway it’s not a sin; it’s after all human nature. : ) So may be if we except the truth we can work on it and try to set right things. I badly wanted to post about this because if at all in future i become possessive any one can point and say "hey u spoke so much and wt r u doing now?".

Etho ellarum nalla iruntha seri Hehehehe…

Okie…. Got2go… Bye bye

Have a nice day,

Friday, May 26, 2006

Tagged by Senthil ! .

Hi, have been tagged by Senthil. Busy with exams. Nothing much. Sorry for the delayed tag @ senthil!

1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4. Ans. “In these cases grammatical structures are responsible for the difference in phonemics shapes.” – Tamil studies By Dr.Portko

2.Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.& catch air? Ans. Few other books…

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV? Ans. Nothing

4. Without looking, guess what time it is? Ans. 8. 30

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time? Ans. 8. 28

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? Ans. ‘Uyire uyire vanthu ennodu kalanthu vidu’

7.When did you last step outside? What were you doing? Ans. This evening, to pick up a friend from Station

8.Before you started this survey, what did you look at? Ans. Pappaya plant

9.What are you wearing? Ans. Salwar

10.When did you last laugh? Ans Our staff drew a diagram in the board and it appeared some kind of pambaram. I was asking my northindian friend what do they call ‘pambaram’ in hindi? Maa’m picked me & asked what our discussion was. My Mind could not think of a lie immediately hence said the fact. Though she gave me a horrible stare. We laughed out after she left the class….

11.What is on the walls of the room you are in? Ans. Lizzzzzzzzzzzard ;)

12.Seen anything weird lately? Ans. No ( :D )..

13.What do you think of this quiz? Ans. Really technical…hehehe..

14.What is the last film you saw? Ans. Pay it forward

15. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy? Ans. Buy all models of car in the world.

16.Tell me something about you that I dunno Ans. How am I to know what and all you know about me and what are the rest that you don’t know about me? :)

17.If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do? Ans. Would change all the poor to rich and unhealthy to healthy ppl…

18.Do u like to Dance Ans. No. I donno 2 either. ..

19. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
Ans. Silver arasi… Hehehe kidding.. Mind disagrees 2 think for this.

20 Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call her? Ans. Chinnaraaaaaaaaasa ;) . Hehehe kidding.. Mind disagrees 2 think for this 2 .

21.Would you ever consider living abroad? Ans. Would consider if I really have 2 but not so eager 2

22.What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates? Ans. God : “Am alive!”

I would like to tag:
Pls check out your comments column. If at all I leave any1 who is interested in writing the tag…Jus gimme a hint would tag… :) Tag panittu apram bulb adikiratha vida ithu parava illa :)

Have a nice day,

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

CM Seat'u yarukku????

Logging after a Long time. Nothing much. Had internals and Sem lab exams. The real one is on 22nd of this month. Hope 2 write a long post after the exams are over.. Is it that tough to balance many relationships (college or school friendship, family frendship,colleagues,relatives, other friends...) at a time???
I was abt to write on this..What do u think it is quiet tough??? Yes or no??

Pakka thamizhan's latest post was too good. Its abt Pocket money.

GP's page has a wonderful poem.

I happened to see 1 interesting link abt election & its results...Have a look...

Have a nice day,

Tamil Nadu has given its verdict and it's exit time for Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

The battle for power in the state seems to have turned decisively in favour of the DMK-led alliance in the last lap with M Karunanidhi's coalition headed to record a thumping win with two-thirds majority in the 234-member House.

Interestingly, it was anybody's game in Tamil Nadu till the last hours and the battle between the alliances of the two major Dravidian parties had gone down to the wire.

In terms of vote share, the DMK-led alliance showed a decisive edge with as many as 45 per cent vote share while AIADMK's vote share is projected to come down to 35 per cent.

M.Karunanidhi also emerged the No. 1 choice for chief ministership(41%)

For a surprise to all Cine star Vijaykanth has got 10%support for next C.M post.Its really an unexpected thing.

Seats Estimate
DMK+ 157-167
AIADMK+ 64-74
DMDK- 2-6

After a neck-to-neck battle with the AIADMK, the veteran Dravidian leader seems to have mustered enough clout during the poll campaign which put him head and shoulder above his closest rival and outgoing Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa in the leadership survey.

AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa came second with 35 per cent votes while

Votes Projected:

DMK+ 45 %
AIADMK+ 35 %
DMDK 10 %
Others 10%

Popular Choice for Chief Minister

M. Karunanidhi 41%
J. Jayalalithaa 35%
Vijaykant 10%
MK Stalin 1%

Should the present Jayalalithaa government be given
another chance?
No 54%
Yes 39%
The rest of the voters had no opinion.

The analysis says that DMK+Cong has done fairly well in southern districts normally considered to be the roots of AIADMK.

Also that PMK has not done that well in the northern districts as expected. This gives a answer to the question "HOW MANY SEATS CAPTAIN COULD HAVE WON?"

This being the first election for captain political experts say that he has performed fairly good.

Also as far as Tamil Nadu is concerned the people have voted alternatively either the DMK or AIADMK to power these many years. Except the Years when the great MGR was in power.He(rather ADMK) won 3 election consequetively.(1977 to 1987). by CNN-IBN and THE HINDU along with CSDS)
--------------------------------------------- -------------

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tagged by Aravind

Have been tagged by Aravind. The title of the tag is Middle-age Mutant Kizhinja Kattil . And the tag description is : What kinda power(s) would you choose, if you could undergo bad-ass mutations? You can mention a maximum of 3 powers you'd like. And try to be imaginative....

Powers I would like to have:

1) Whenever I wish to listen to some particular song, I should be able to hear the song, the same fraction of second without others notice. I mean I should be able to hear, simlilar to headphones but without headphones and any other electronic gadget.
2) Any time I should be able to get back to the childhood days and live those days again. Then when am pissed off there, I should be able to shift to the present days as well.
3) I always wanted to have this power. But I know its kind of complicated ;) I should get the vision whenever some one hates me or when some one thinks bad of me. So if I have any mistake to be corrected I would happily do it.

I don’t want to tag the same friends again…. Let me know abt my other friends whom I have never tagged.

I would like to tag,
1. Rengaraman.
2. Mukund.
3. Ram.
4. Has to be me .
5. Talkative Man .
6. Sathya.
7. VJ.
8. Srikanth.

If I have left anyone untagged, Please feel free to let me know or kindly tag urselves... (Send the code YDTM... Hehehe)

I happened to see a lovely blog today. Will post abt it soon along with the url.

Have a nice day,

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yennamo Nadakuthu! Onum purila!

Hi ,
Innum oru comment increase aachunalum...Naa gaali ;) Those who just don't wanna waste time. Pls dont read this post. Matter'ey illa verum mokka thaan.
Days are too busy especially after the strike holidays. We are told tht saturday our cycle test starts and immediately after cycle test gets over may be cycle test will be 4 a week or so..after that we will be having our models. Hahaha. Onuthukkum padika vendam'nu solranga polarukku. per our policy VS :D Keep away all these and I have a glad news 2 share.. Anna and his family are coming down to India... Thats all for now.. Blog oru Email range'kku vanthuruchu...Yenna DEAR _____ and Lving from thaan missing which wud be tere in a mail... Sorry'ba.. Next time atleast ethathu poda mudiyuthanu pakrenn.... Hehehehe.

Have a nice day,

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Varuthapadathavargal Sangam - VS

This post is about you have something to worry about but you don’t exactly worry about it. To become a member in this Varuthapadathavargal Sangam- VS you have to have something that have to be worried but you are not worrying or atleast you must be worried that you have nothing to worry about. Clear understanding ???? Theliva purinjadha???
In life don’t worry about things that you really don’t have to. Few examples of those :

You would have tried hard to make a dish. But just because of a phone call from a friend, where you got into a real interesting conversation, the dish becomes a horrible fry / Theenja dish… Don’t worry. Varuthamey Padakoodathu

You tried having friendship with a gorgeous girl or a charming guy. But that person hardly looks at you… Varutha padakoodathu. Just don’t worry.

You have friends who are abroad and they often use this sentence, “In USA the system is like this.” Or “Inga Canada’la apdi illa, yellamey different’a irukku da.” Varuthamey pada koodathu. Yekkedo kettu po’nu nenakanum… Athu thaan Healthy approach..Hahahaha.

Sometimes the whole class would copy the assignment from us. Idiotic lecturer would give us 8/10 and others who copied from us would get 10/10. Then Kenai teacher’ku oru mannum therila’nu vitranum. Varuthamey padakoodathu. Once again just “Don’t worry”.

Kashta pattu yethathu oru scene or situation explain pannitu irupom, nadula yetho oru loosu “Nijamava?” apdinnu kekkkum. Ketta naa tension ayduven. Pinna summava solitu irukom. Those occasions varuthamey pada koodathu.. Don’t worry.

BTW, sela vishayathukku thaan ipadi. For few other things, only if u worry and feel bad you can come up or improve in life. Like if u didn’t prepare well for exam and u don’t get nice score. At tht point of time don’t tell I wont worry becoz the correction was bad . To judge the correction naama paper’la ethathu ezhuthanum’la. Hehehehe.

Let me know if u have such worries but u don’t worry at all. You are sure to get a applause. Hehehe.

You can also add in more examples to become a member of this VS or share your own experience as well. If you do this automatically you become a member. And if u give more than 5 examples u r a lifetime member... Hahaha Hehehehe. Loosu mari'ye irukku'la. Irunthuttu poguthu :P

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tagged by Ammanchi!

Hi, Have been tagged by Rengaraman. His tag was very much interesting. Pls have a look at it. Here goes my tag...

Movies I would watch over and over again:

  • Nayagan
  • Thalapathi
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Sister Act

TV shows I love to watch:
I watch only movies. I don’t watch any soaps except for ‘Chithiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ Hehehe.
I learnt a lesson after that. Never watch any soaps particularly when Ladies or Girls are the theme.
Very rarely ‘Seinfeld’

My favourite foods :
  • Mom’s Thakkali Satham
  • Sis’s Veg pulav
  • Chithi’s Poori and Kurma
  • Anni’s Bread rolls

My Greatest victories :

  • Passed Law entrance and I got the seat also. But Appa did’nt allow me to join and pushed me inside the Engineering college where am studying now. Huh.
  • I was the 25th Customer to get Scooty Pep as soon as it came to the market.
  • I can never forget when I won gold medal for Shuttle match and one of my friends brother came and told ‘His sis is crying because she lost the game’. I was in mixed feeling. Did’nt know whether to be happy or not.

Things that I hate
I hate when friends call my name like 'Ponna' and my north indian friends @ college kill the pronounciation etc. But I know that its a typical Tamil name. So none to be blamed.

Great Personalities I would like to dine with
  • Mr. Veerapan- Now its impossible. May be I will try after I reach heaven. Hehehe So now I would replace him with Mr. Saddam
    Mr. Osama Bin Laden
  • Ms. Sushmita Sen . U mite know her ofcourse. But I recently came to know that She is a single parent who has adopted a kid. And she is so beautiful by heart as well.
  • Ms. Laura Bush. (To ask how the hell she is managing with that empty headed guy).

Things I dream often
  • To get a dream is my foremost dream. I have never got a dream so far :((
  • To become a successful Lawyer

    I would like to tag

Pls check out your comments space. In case, if I have left any1 untagged pls let me know or feel free to tag urself. Don't get mad @ me for tagging. Ivalukku vera vela illa'nu nenakra mari irukkey. Unmaya velai illa. College re-open- 21st... So ultimate Vetti now.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This morning I was waken up by a phone call. It was one of my age old friends. He is working in Taj and he called to ask if I can look out for some house out of city. I was wondering why they would look for a house when they are living in their own house @ Tnagar. Didn’t know if I should ask for the reason or not. But then after few minutes he told there is some problem with his younger brother who is studying in class 10 and wanted to discuss about that.

They found the Jewels missing in the locker when his mom wanted to wear it for her wedding anniversary. After making a thorough check they found a Mortgage bill in Younger ones room. But the bill was signed by someone else. On rushing to that address in the bill he found it was signed by the boys Piano Teacher. They found the boy was addicted to having alcohol and was introduced to it by that teacher. :O Shocking..???
A sum of 25,000 was got by the boy from the mortgage shop. A guy who is doing his 10th drunk for 25,000??? Or the teacher took the whole lot of money and spent few hundreds on this kid for buying alcohol. To keep away this boy from the teacher, parents decided to shift the house somewhere out of the city. But you know what. That boy raises a intelligent question.. “Ma, yenna ma T.Nagar and MM nagar 7 kadal thaandiya irukku?”

This guy was very much in shock and was telling even I myself don’t have the habit of drinking. Yeah, very true being the earning member of the family, none in his family is used to this kind of habit. Whom to blame? The boy? Parents for not paying required attention to the boy? The teacher? I thought shifting the house was not a wise decision. As the boy asked it’s not a big deal getting back to that person again. I was suggesting having an appointment with counselor or psychiatrist. But the boy deliberately refuses to do that also. Is it all because there was none @ home to look after the boy? Negligence by family members?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I W D- Tag!

A very happy International Women’s Day. All of us have a woman to wish, may it be Mom, Sister, Ladylove or wife. Let us start IWD- Tag…Make a mention about whom you are going to write and tag 8more people.

About : My Mom

Two things I like in her: 1) Mom is never possessive
2) Mom is very Co-operative to dad

Two things I dislike in her: 1) Mom can never be convinced in certain issues
2) Mom hardly takes care of her own health.

Two dishes I love her preparing: 1 ) Paruppu payasam 2) Veg Pulav
Ma, atleast after seeing this pls prepare those two often. Hehehe.

I would like to tag: Check out the comments column of yours. :P

PS: 1) Sorry! I was very much Vetti to do this...
2) BTW, If you find time, peep into ‘Metro Plus’- The Hindu, page 5 under Voice your views -'Gain Knowledge'.
3) Photo Courtesy:

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A smile on someone's face!

Days are too busy for us to realise our friends birthday, dad mom wedding day etc. We hardly find time to laugh or smile. At this point I just felt why dont we try to put a smile on some one's face. And I have decided to count the number of faces where I can find a smile because of me. Does'nt mean I should play a joker's role or give some things or money. By giving a warm smile you can expect a smile on other person or by greeting them (Have a good day, good morning etc). Why don't we all try and see who is the winner ;) You can take my word..'I wont cheat'...Sounds a nice idea.. Hehehe I hope so.
BTW, be careful and dont end up in giving some wrong signals by giving dirty smile...Hahaha. I thought I would read some biography or autobiography.. Give me some suggestions if u have any. God sake, pls,it should not be Gandhi, Nehru etc..Some kind of recent ones. I was in search of Osama's but I could not find it. Thts all for this week. Take care!

PS: 1) Photo from the net.
2) Honestly,I smiled looking at this lady giving a very cute smile. :)
3) Do let me know if u smiled too..Becoz I have to increment my count... Hahaha

Have a nice day,

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Be Proud to be a Indian!

Shock for the Nation!!! (Believe it or not)
Do you know thatRight now, India is the richest country in the world!
Wondering how? It's really amazing.

It's due to Mr. G Vaidyaraj, who donated all his
wealth, about which he actually did not know.
He is a descendent of Raja Krishnadev Raya from
Mysore district.

For the last 300 years or so, three stones were
worshipped in his house.But nobody tried to see what it was, except
person, who is a lawyer by profession.One day, when there was nobody in
house, he took the stone out to see what it was that they worship.
Due to the dust deposited on it, from many many
years, it looked only like a simple stone.
But when he touched it, some portion of the stone
was cleansed.
And he saw a bright ray of light.
He saw something which attracted his attention.
And he was amazed when he cleaned all of them.The whole room was
filled with light.
He discovered they were diamonds of about 4600 carats each.
He informed the Govt. of India and the news is censored with its

It's now deposited in a Swiss Bank.
The cost of single diamond exceeds the GDP of USA + UK.
India can buy virtually 7 developing nations.
Even World Bank does not have enough money to buy it.
One diamond costs thrice the debt of World Bank over India.
One such diamond can buy 10 Bill Gates to you.
And the World Bank has proposed the Indian Govt.
that it can pay India in Installment if it wishes to do so.
India's GDP is 34.25 billion dollars.
Bill Gates property is 95 billion dollars
approximate so that is the way "nature changes".
Mr.Vajpayee has refused to sell it.
He said it will be sold or mortgaged for credit when we need it.
Otherwise right now we have no problems.
You can go through Times of India with a small
column on it a week ago.
Star TV presented a 115 min documentary on it about
15 days ago.
The Hindu with its half page article in it.
After that it was censored as classified.

Another good news

is that in the Desert of Thar a deposit of Oil and Natural gas have
been found.
This stores what Kuwait has in its stomach.
India can go with this ONGC energy reserve with
another 30 years.
And moreover it can export it to other counties.

It's incredible!! But true.

An Indian boy in his 12th standard has disproved Einstein's "Theory of
Shocked? Read on...
Sudarshan Reddy has theoretically proven the existence of a sub-atomic
particle, which can travel at speed greater than that of light,
thereby challenging one of the
fundamental postulates of the "Theory of Relativity".
In his recent research paper submitted to the
Institute of Advanced Physics (IAP) at Trieste (Italy), Sudarshan has
proved the existence of a class of sub-atomic
particles called "leptons", which can travel faster than light.
The international physics community is shocked by this discovery.

Dr.Massimo Martelli, President of the IAP has this to say about the
paper submitted by Sudarshan. "After long, careful and critical
analysis, I can confidently say that Sudarshan's re search papers
show tremendous leap in our understanding of physics. His
investigation mounts up on "leptons". His work builds substantially on
the work of Einstein and others in the field of relativity."
When physicists from Princeton University tried to measure Sudarshan's
IQ with an IQ-meter
(at the American Embassy in Delhi), the meter broke down.

Sudarshan, incidentally, is the brother of Madhu Reddy, the Indian
whiz kid who developed an operating system superior to Microsoft
We should all be very proud of these boys.

PS: Shamelessly pasted from web.

Have a nice day,

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Project- Vibration Detector.

Open House- went on well. Had lots of fun and also gained some practical knowledge about Electronics ;) And my project is 'Vibration Detector'. In short, it detects any heavy vibration and it makes alarm sound. It can be implemented in Car doors, Shop shutters, wardrobe/bureau keyholes etc so that when the thief tries to breakthrough the alarm sound is produced and hence the thief will be caught. With a good sensor we can vary the sensitivity so as to detect even voice signals, seismic waves. It was a great experience teaching the lecturers. I mean explaining the project, circuit, applications etc. Have uploaded a snap of it. Have a look :)

Many were attracted because of the wardrobe/bureau keyhole usage and they asked to sell the kit to them. Especially ladies. May be to keep their jewels (alone) safe :P

That's all for this week. Nothing much. Take care and bye!

PS: All the mugs were really cool and I felt like owning each one of them :D. Thanku for posting them.

Have a nice day,

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mugtagging- Nice game!


Planning to do a mini project for the Open house. Was busy in that and hence could'nt update for few days. After a month I have a new resolution for new year. I have decided not to read newspaper and not to listen NEWS. I felt there is no point in knowing about things that are not within our control or for which we are helpless to do anything. I mean the National and International politics. It includes from laying road, water supply etc to Clemenceau, Saddam's unfair trials.
And have been mugtagged by GP. Visit GP's Blog to know more. Applause GP, you have really made a bunch of bloggers to do something on MUGPOST . In the process of searching my mug, cleaned my room. Anna bought a nice mug with Disney and Donald after his first trip to US. Could not find that :(( Er...Its going to bug for few days that I lost/misplaced :o . Anyway have a great weekend.

P.S: 1) Have decided to sign my name alone without dad's name after few of my friends raising a question "How do you sign your biiiiiiiiiiig name each and every time?"
2) Pls let me know if i have left anyof my blogger friends untagged.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

India- International Garbage???

Clemenceau found its way to India. For those who are not aware what Clemenceau is- It is a warship (France). Indian officials have agreed to load the wastes into our country. Inspite of the agreement, that more than 50% of the harmful elements should be already cleaned, Clemenceau seems to come to India in its same old form. When such actions has its effects even after several decades, I guess it should be cleared to everyone as what is happening. Many of us are unaware as what is really going on in this issue. Not only this, in the month of July when Nuclear Treaty was signed with U.S was not brought to the common citizens notice. These issues remain a black triangle for everyone.
Even in setting up ITER @ France, whole lot of share was burdened on India. Am wondering as who has the effective role in talking about this or raising a question? Is'nt it a common concern to bring it to citizens notice?? Pls do let me know if we can do anything in these issues.
By the way, almost all the jujubee (Small) culturals are over in the city. Its now time for the King. ;) Yeah, I mean the IIT- Saarang. Visit Those who have already missed the lovely opportunity to see our culturals, try to visit IIT-Saarang. No matter whether we are participating or not ;) there is nothing wrong in being an active viewer. For anything, they need spectators as well. :))
Sulekha has also a major role in this culturals. There is a blogging competition by Sulekha also.
Pls do visit the following websites to know more:
official saarang blog
Saarang sulekha blog competition

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Spending enough time with our family???

Its- culturals week in almost all the colleges, MOP, VIT, SRM, UOM. Any one bored in daily routine life or who wants to recollect your college days, give a visit to one of those colleges. By the way are we spending (enough) time at home? I am proceeding further assuming that the majority of the answer is 'No'. Actually I don't mind even if the answer is going to be Yes ;) I guess neither a working professional nor a student is spending enough time at home. A person who is working is busy in making business/completing his projects and a student is more interested in exploring, knowing about the outside world. The only difference is the latter one is not a compulsory task and the first one is a compulsory task. I realised this only when we had a power failure in the recent past.

Few years ago when this power failure was very frequent in our place, my siblings and me had a very nice time. We used to play Anthakshari, shadow games and anna used to tell so many stories like Thenali, Beerbal, Vikadakavi and a story where the prince should climb 7 mountains to reach the princess (Sorry I don't remember the Title). But these days even if there is a power failure we have inverters/generators. Apart from those all of us are busy doing research in our mobile phones, Ipods, Mp3 players, Discman etc. Though these electronic gadgets have made our life simpler and colorful. We should agree that, it is also taking much of our time. Oh, how can I forget the free talk time, free roaming, free messaging services, if you buy one sim you can take another for free etc proposed by the mobile service providers to attract more people.

Why is that we don't have enough time
  • To dine together
  • To watch a nice movie
  • To have family get-togethers
  • To share our daily happenings
  • To talk about some general issues (From Suhasini's to Bin Laden's)

Is that we REALLY don't have time or is that we never gave a thought for it? Spare a minute to answer this, which will let us know if we were missing a greater part of joy in our life.

Have a nice day,

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Years are passing by- Getting old day by day-Am not a teenager anymore :(

Happy New Year! Wishing others and getting wishes from others always gives great pleasure. I guess this is the only occasion where we can wish anyone unlike other religious festivals, birthdays, anniversaries etc where we can wish only one particular person. Happened to hear a funny statement while conversing over the phone with one of my friend. He said "I wonder why the hell these people are celebrating New Year not realizing the fact that we are getting older and older after each year". Till certain age all of us wish to get old but only after few years we realize the advantages of being young (not caring or bothering about things that are happening around). Apart from the most frequently heard sentence 'Happy New Year' there exist one another, "Made any resolutions?" For those who have made up their mind to read more books this year. Here are few tips, pasted from a journal. Thought it would be worth sharing. Even if not interested in this particular goal, it might give some general idea to organize our own goal or resolution.

PS: How do I blogroll? :-/ I tried in, but I dont find the list here in my blog. Help me with this pls.

Obstacle: I don't know what's good to read.

  • Decide if you want to read fiction or nonfiction
  • Ask for three recommendations from friends who read
  • Read reviews of books in your interest area
  • Make a list of three books or magazines to read

Obstacle: I don't have time to read.


  • Schedule 30 minutes of reading a day
  • Subscribe to an executive summary service
  • Take a speed-reading class
  • Adopt a Time Management Goal plan

Obstacle: I don't know where to get the best deals on reading materials; I can't spend much on books/subscriptions.


  • Check book prices at an online bookstore
  • Look for books at clearance bookstores
  • Subscribe to magazines via discount subscription service
  • Download a great work from the Internet

Obstacle: It's inconvenient to carry books and magazines around with me.


  • Schedule reading time at home
  • Download a book to your handheld computer
  • Get an ebook reader