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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Project- Vibration Detector.

Open House- went on well. Had lots of fun and also gained some practical knowledge about Electronics ;) And my project is 'Vibration Detector'. In short, it detects any heavy vibration and it makes alarm sound. It can be implemented in Car doors, Shop shutters, wardrobe/bureau keyholes etc so that when the thief tries to breakthrough the alarm sound is produced and hence the thief will be caught. With a good sensor we can vary the sensitivity so as to detect even voice signals, seismic waves. It was a great experience teaching the lecturers. I mean explaining the project, circuit, applications etc. Have uploaded a snap of it. Have a look :)

Many were attracted because of the wardrobe/bureau keyhole usage and they asked to sell the kit to them. Especially ladies. May be to keep their jewels (alone) safe :P

That's all for this week. Nothing much. Take care and bye!

PS: All the mugs were really cool and I felt like owning each one of them :D. Thanku for posting them.

Have a nice day,


Dinesh babu said...

Impressive work !

Paurna said...

pretty useful stuff.keep up the good work

Vidya said...

Neat stuff !

Selvan Subramanian said...

Very nice, Keep it up ! I suggest you to enhance your project in earth quake detecting system.

Saving human life is better than catching a thieves. Am i right?


tamizhan said...

You must look into commercializing the product! We can probably miniaturize it and patent the design.. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity!

tamizhan said...

PS Vadivelu comedyla kalla note kandu pidikara machine maadri iruku... :))

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

@Dinesh, Paurna, Vidya
Thank you for nice words. :)Feels Happy!

Yeah, Will do. But the sensor for that is quiet expensive. Dad would be happy to provide that money but what to do keeping that at home. If college will fund and if it will do something on it means will do it ;) Thankyou will make a deal with college :D

Yenakku 1st comment mattum thaan pa kannuku theriyuthu ;) I alwaz see the gud things :P
Vadivelu alavukku nalla irukaaaaaaa?:))

Have a nice day,

Ram said...

Eppadi idhu maadhiri ellam weight kaatre. Block diagram ellam potu lecturers a aemathitttiyaaa...

Jokes apart, gud work and btw did u get any prize for it.

smiley said...

Cool project

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha.Block diag ellam nyabagam irukka ;) I didnt get any prize. Was told college will give money and take the project...Thts it


Have a nice day,

senthil natarajan said...

thats impressive! keep up the good work

aval said...

Coincidently I also heard about the projects by school kids for detecting tsuname and also to avoid
train accidents.

Applause to your social interests.

aval said...

read it as tsunami!

Ram said...

That itself is a prize isnt it,provided it is only for a few projects. :-)

Kartik Kannan said...

Its good to see urself involved in projects , but honestly dont u think u can go a level higher in making better projects? Forgive me , my knowledge of elex may not be that high , but this vibration detector are all sensor based things aint it ? I have heard that these are easily available in the market.

Please dont feel offended.Am just curious and asking u as thats what I remember one of my ece friends in college telling me . :-)



Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

@Senthil, Aval
Thanku :)

Yeah. U r rite :))

It is sensor, agreed. But apart from the sensor there are other components (Buzzer,LED, FLIL FLOP etc) in the circuit.And I dont get "Easily available" ??? The name itself is quiet new to many. May be Am unaware of it.
To reach the top of mountain, we should first know to walk. Am jus learning to walk :) And thanku for making me think as what am up2.

awakeningcoma said...

vibration detection , vry good mes to in inventing a device sas same as u but it will give a beep only and only if beautiful gals pass by me.eppadi namma invention.

My days(Gops) said...

wht'll happen if thr is no power supply whn the thief enters the house? does it work ? jst askin...

btw, thx for ur comments in my blog..
My days are counted... nothing spl in my title...jst thought and kept..

cvraman said...

Cool job. Keep the good work.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Neenga innum sleeping thaan ;) awaken illa... Good project. Implement it soon, many will buy :P

Battery battery'nu onnu irukku ;) Kelvi pattu irukeengala? Athu current ilanalum work panumam...Solikiranga ;) I donno 2.

Thanku :) Feels good.

kanniya said...

haha ... good idea ... but dont ya think its a like too big to fit in the places u wanna fit em in ... am not discouragin r somethin but u need to do things a bit more practical ..

senthil natarajan said...

@karthik : as ponna says- probably its just the begining... and it is good start..!!
@ponna : he is probably talking about something like car alarm which is similar to what you have done... but honestly if this was ur masterpiece kudos to you!

Ricky said...

How about a device to detect Tsunami? If you can program one which is cost-effective, you could save thousands of people and become a multi millionaire. :)

neighbour said...

Great Idea... I hope similar idea is implement for anti theft systems in High end cars which worth a lot.. Its not possible to start the car if it detects that car was under theft.

Nice project buddy.. College life that is the place where you can expose all you ideas...

Enjoy the life....

kuttichuvaru said...

open house, project intha vaarthai ellam ketta ennoda college days nyabagam varuthu!!!

btw, neat stuff!!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Yeah,agreed!But I didnt do a commercial model. And how do you say its too big??? Those cardboards???

Thanku :) Feels good.

Welcome!Tsunami alert. Good idea. Haahaha multimillionaire ;) Will see if i can give a try during holidays.

Welcome! Oh is it? Tht was a new info. Thanku 4 the info.

Welcome! Ah...Angallam poneengala? Mazhaikku othunguneengala? Jus askin becoz of ur id ;) Dont take it serious :)
Thanku for nice words.

டி ராஜ்/ DRaj said...

Wow, a cool device :) Keep the good work up

neighbour said...

I have posted the thanglish version of the blog in my site.. do visit it..

senthil natarajan said...

more email space is it?

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...


Yeah! Tht was 2 good and hilarious. Thanku 4 letting me know abt it.

@ Senthil,
Thanku! I meant tht only.

Have a nice day,

unknown said...

so ur staffs learnt some stuufs from u ..really good one..
u liked my title..its my pleasure

Nabeel said...

awesomeee.. i love the pic .. did it work?

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

@ Ammu

@ Nabeel
Yeah! It did work. Only if it works we can display.. :))

Known Stranger said...

do you know how to stop the vibrator to stop soudning in car - just break the head light and short circuit the wire - the vibrator wont work becasue th vibrator alarm takes power from the main battery

bmw and merceeds has sepeareat battery... heiheihe i

namma mothalla eppadii thappu pannallamnnu thaneee yosippom

Raghs | இராகவன் said...

"Vibration Detector" - Good to hear.

Though came late, wishing you to be in forward in all endeavors!

All the very best! (even for the project sale:))