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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Have been Tagged by Shpriya! .

Hi, Have been Tagged by Shpriya! .I am extremely sorry for replying really late to your tag. Apologies : ) To add more, I love writing tags. Athaan niruthi nithanama yosichi enjoy panni ezhuthren : ) Hope you understand. Seri ithu oru e-mail range’ku poguthu Hehehe… Coming to the tag..
Nammala pathi yethathu sollum pothey rumba gavanama irukanum bcoz namma tharpugazhchi panida neraya vaaipu iruku.. So jaagratha Arasi :P
I'm thinking about: Day after tomorrow’s Cycle test.
I said: Yetha pathi I said???? :-/ I say/talk a lot or lot of things : ) )
I wish: To make everyone happy. Every1 romba kashtam so mudinja varaki I don’t spoil any1 being happy which is equivalent to my wish.
I hear: “Kollayile thennai” song from Kadhalan.
I wonder: Why everyone has some regret or grudges in life. Like no one is ready to say “I lived a perfect life” or “Am living happy”. Everyone has something that bugs about the past or that is bothering about the future. I am talking about the majority here. There might be few who says am happy always.
I regret: For not taking a career which deals with meeting and getting to know lots of people, their nature, things that make them happy and things that put them off..
I am: Ponnarasi happens to be Piscean . Hehehehe Vera yenna solrathu
I dance(d): In school culturals, thillana thillana show (SunTv).
I sing: (I sang) Used to sing. (Learnt carnatic for few years) But lost interest so stopped singing and started listening.
I cry: When I see others crying. This is very recently. Hahaha..Wierd ;)
I'm not always: Friendly. At times when am in a bad mood I turn out to be the rudest person in earth.
I make with my hands: Food. (Only when Amma and Sister are not @ home. Under compulsion will cook)
I write: Down inspiring quotes. Hehehe enodathu ila.. Yaaro Write’nathu
I confuse: When buying books. Feel like buying all. Sometimes end up buying nothing : ) ) Hehehehe.
I need: Broadband asap. This phone bill is bugging :P
And finally: I would like to tag 10 bloggers who wish to write TAG.
1) TV Badri …(Ayayo TV naa podavey ilaye epdi vanthuthu :P )
2) Photo Senthil (Ayayo Photo naa podavey ilaye.. :P )
3) Adult only photo podum Thamizhan ( Hehehe.. Adult only :O Thappachey)
4) Kalluri Salai Gops ( Orey flashback’a ezhuthum pakkathamizhan. Complimentary’a thaan telling nadakratha ezhuthrathu easy but nadanthatha nenachu paathu ezhuthrathukku oru therama venum : ).. )
5) Kavitha (Her blog is itself a poem : ) )
6) Digi Cam Bala ( Hm. Pussa digi cam vangneengaley photo enga?? )
7) Talkative man ( I don’t think he is talking much :-/ May be I don’t know much about him )
8) Aravind (Back tag panitom’la :P Hehehe.)
9) Thidirnu blogworld vittu escape aana Karthik ( Suppose blog pakkam ellam vantha tag ezhutha paarunga )
10) Sumi (Homely blog! I feel am reading or talking with my neighbour : ))
11) Shiv....(Her blogs are really from heart :) )
12) Sanjayan (He is a actor by heart ;) )

Hope every1 writes the tag.. Hehe.. Tag paniten konjam ezhthidunga pls :P
Have a nice day,

P.S: Was doing in a hurry and hence couldnt paste the links..Sorry!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Cry House!!!

Hi Hi Hi ;)
Its been very long since I wrote a post. Yenna panrathu rumba busy’nu sollanum’nu thaan aasai … Hehehe.. Busy ellam ila.. Its just that the laziness disease has caught me. Was busy reading few interesting books. Will later write a review about it if I think am matured enough to do it. Ulagathula ethetho nadakuthu hm… End of the day if every one is doing good. Nallathu thaney : )

I was just thinking about the laughing therapy. Heard from many that it is really wonderful and it really works well. But I just felt there should be something called crying therapy where anyone with below such reasons can come in and cry and go.

1)Who has a problem to mull over without any solution

2)Who is in deep trouble and its impossible to come over that

3)Who feels or regrets about the past

4)Etc etc etc

Sounds funny or weird isn’t it???? But give a thought and we will know the benefits of this. Because many a times people are in search of shoulders to cry. If at all we find one, either we don’t want the other person to know about the reason for our gloominess or we feel shame to cry. Laughing therapy works in few cases. Agreed. May be it works when we are in the 1 st stage of our gloominess. Second stage is a stage where we have no words to talk or discuss about it to any one anymore. Appo poi loosu mari sirichitu irukka mudiyuma… Main condition to enter this place is Ethukku azhura’nu mattum yarathu ketta mothalla thooki velila potudanum I don’t ask my friends why they are dull or bothered. Will patiently listen to them when they readily come up with that issue and will try to give some sensible suggestion. Otherwise would just lend my ears. I feel listening to others trouble is half solving it. : )
Let me clear one point. I don’t mean everyone should cry for everything/ anything. I just mean when you feel you have to or you want to, there should be a place for that. There might arise a question “We can do this anywhere. Why a place for this?” Psychologically when we see someone else having some problem we feel ours is far better. We also feel we are not the only one facing things this way.

Oru prayer house, light house irukkum bothu naama yen oru “Crying house” vekka koodathu or “Shoulder 4 u” program nadatha koodathu.. Hm. Well ! Will wait and execute the plan when time comes : ) Ungalukku ellarukkum free admission… Hehehe..Fees vaangama ulla sethuka solren. Hehehehe.

p.s: Mokka mari Y this post, Any problem?, wts up in life? nu ethathu ketta… Apram Osama maama solli…… ayoo already orey galatta’va iruku ethukku maama ellam? Illa! : ) Hehehe…

Have a nice day,