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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Negative Emotion come in series?

I was happy today for some strange reason which made me wonder about some thing else. Last time when I was down I remember that my brain accumulated all the reason for me to be more bugged and sad. It was more like my brain said, "Hey you are feeling bad for just one thing that happened. Here! I would gather all the things that has happened in the recent past to feel even more bad or worse!"
Why am i not feeling the same way when I am happy? Why cannot I recollect all the good things that has happened and be even more happier? I feel that negative emotions come in series where as positive emotions come all alone. Is this only to me or do you feel the same too? I am still wondering..........

While I am typing this post my mobile was buzzing and when I shared this with my friend, I was told "Why the hell do you have to waste time when you are happy by thinking some thing weird like this?" May be he is right ;) Thats all for now. Tata..

P.S: I am bored of giving reason for not updating the blog! This time let me leave it to the imagination of readers as why I didnt update for a long time :D