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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just a note to say that I am alive to bug with more posts!

I know its been a real long time bugging my blogger friends. Days just passed by like any thing. Life has never moved so fast earlier. Hm.. What do I bore my friends about this time??? Yeah. Its about an interesting movie that I happened to see recently - 'Up in the air'. Its not a new movie though, may be i saw it only recently. Oh yeah..I know ..I have been watching a lot of movies lately and I am also aware that my friends had been teasing me about it. So i just thought its better i admit it myself. At times when you really wanna kill time, this is what you do. Try it urself and you will understand is what i challenged my friends :P

Well, coming back to the movie. Its a very nice movie which is about three characters. 1. A person who does the job of firing people. 2. Young gal who is trying to computerize the firing job. 3. Woman who passes by and grabs the second main role in the movie is what i felt about this third person.

Its a movie which makes you realize that - what you are paid @ work is not gonna live with you forever and if you don't make the right decision at the right time then the right decision might be a wrong decision if made at the wrong time :P Not bad, I have confused enough! :D Mission accomplished!

Apart from all these, George Clooney is a good looking guy (dude :D ) to stare at, so I just decided that whatever the story might be or however the movie might be I watch it till the end :D

Well message thats conveyed in the movie : 1) Never break up with any one over SMS and 2) Whatever you might do, if you dont make your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife feel that you are caring and concerned about that person, who knows, he/she might not be with you any longer emotionally and physically :P

You feel that I am exaggerating? Then why dont you watch the movie yourself and let me know what the message is? ;)

C Ya TILL I bug you guys the next time!