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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Me and My bus Experiences!


Scene 1 (Office Bus While going back Home)

Me: Hey Hi R....

R: Hi Ponnarasi...Hows u ?

Me: Yeah I am fine.. Long time no c?

R: Yeah I have been to U.K for a short term project....How have you been? Hows Chennai by the way...

Me: Yeap..Good so far. Have been to Chennai this weekend after two long weeks.. : ) I am very sleepy today. Incase I dose off please wake me in our stop....

R: Yeah Sure ..I dont get sleep in the bus :(

After a short conversation ...Snorrr..Snorrrrrr....

Me: Eyes wide open...Sees Mr R sleeping next..Hello R...I guess we have missed our stop.

R: Ah...... yeah..You are right.

After explaining to the driver to stop saying we missed our stop.

Driver: I am told not to stop any where other than the stop....

Scene 2 (At Cafettaria)

J: Pons I need one full Kachori..

Me: No... Lets take one and share di.. I wont be able to finish in 10 minutes

J: No di..I need one full..I am very hungry

Me: Errrrrrrrrrrr... Ok!

J: Hello Slow eater... Eat fast... We have few minutes for the bus.

Me: Thats why I told to take just one.

J: Ok di.. See you tomorrow..

Me: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..... U ditcher! Get lost.. Bye!

After finishing the Kachori, calling to another friend in the bus. Catch a seat for me..I will be right there now.

Bus friend: Yeah ...You can take your time and catch a seat after an hour in the next bus :D

Yet another 'mokka' post. :D Will try to put some sensible posts in the near future.... Just wanted to update the blog after a very long time. :) Share your bus experiences as well :D to make the post more interesting! :)