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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rombavey vetti vela! No critics pls :D

Kindly Tolerate! :))

Hi All :)
Konjam chinna pulla thanama oru vela panirukom ;) Pls tolerate.. Hehehe
Would like to know abt each one's perception on the above kirukkal...
It took hours for me to finish this kirukkal. And will be happy if some1 does this a fair kirukkal :))

Have a nice day,

Monday, September 04, 2006

Honor to the teachers with a flashback!

Hi ,
Sep 5- Teacher’s day. Hm.. Got remainded of the speech which I gave when I was in class 12th. Hahaha. Bugged anna to help me in this. periya comedy ponathey late, hahaha princy stared at me for coming that late. It was announced Ponnarasi will give a speech after which we will be engaged by a dance programme. Naama ponathey late.. Not realizing every one is waiting for me to go to the stage and talk. I coolly went to the long queue of my class in Assembly Hall. Then people gave a ‘are you stupid look’ and then one of my friend whispered, “Idiot you are late. Go to the stage and you are wanted there”. Asingama pochu Princy was a very good friend of mine. But he gets mad for any activity that comes under indiscipline. I did a big mess because I was late and everyone gave a bad stare as I was late. Ithellam poga Princy gave a damaging statement, Our Captain Ponnarasi is honoring teachers by not being punctual and by making us all wait for her. Romba asingama pochu.. cha Hm. Anyway once insulted is insulted. Even today friends called me and teased saying “hey we want someone to honor our Lecturers, Konjam vanthu etti paathutu po, Princy maari nallavaru ila, Adjust panniko ”

Hm.. I wished few of my favourite school teachers today. They were all happy. And I was happy too to make someone happy. By the way I wanted to say if any of you have your teacher’s phone numbers, just don’t hesitate. Go ahead and dial the number. We really don’t know how happy they can be for just a few bugs phone call. Cheap but efficient way ; ) I also hate few teachers for few reasons. Antha maari ethathu flash back iruntha SORRY forget this whole idea. Ethukku hate theriyuma … I was horrible in Maths when I was in class 10. Whenever she gives some question to work out in the class, I should say I never tried to work out. Because I knew I won’t get the right answer. And you should see the way she mocks and makes jokes when I near the board. The biggest comedy is I know I wont get the answer : ) ) but will pretend like am doing something. Paati’ma athayum kandupudichudum, Kanitha methai Ponnarasi etho theorem kandu pudikiranga ellam ezhuthikinga sollitu sirikum Well have to mention her age. She was rocking at that age. She was above 65. Each and every class yenna board’ku anuppi insult panama paati’ku thookam varathu. Itha vida periya koothu yenna’na Once a guy was looking through the window. She called him and said “figure ellam nalla irukungala’pa.. Venumna keela poi nalla paathutu variya : ) ) Ellam unakku akka thaan 12vathu padikiranga kanna” Hehehe So yarathu yenna kindal panna aramicha naanga target antha payyan kita thirupiduvom : ) ) Then in one exam I got very low marks which was obvious, I knew I will get bad marks and I expected that will be a fail mark. Just scraped through but then too she insulted saying “pullangala kanitha methai mariye mark vaanganum. Yey tho paru nee yen ivlo mark vaangna @ another leader.”

In our school depending on each subjects mark parents have to meet the concerned faculty. But to my surprise when she was reading the list of students who should bring their parents for the meet. She did’nt read my name : ) ) Am still not sure if she left my name by mistake or intentionally didn’t read. Have told daily insults to amma and appa. I was just feeling bad ithukku poi appa amma school’ku vara vekanuma’nu . Often amma used to take my 9th standard maths papers and show. “See there is something wrong. What happened to you all of a sudden”. In class 9, I always got 50/50 and also got award from Raguvaran for getting highest marks from 1st STD. I was shifted to another school in Class 10 may be that was a reason and also Paati teacher bugged me.

Seri flashback romba otren, Podum ithhoda niruthikuvom. By the way in all my school years I just hate the Maths teachers because I was very poor in Maths. After that say when I came to 11th I was not this bad in maths. M’aam though am not matured enough to call you and wish you. :P This post is just dedicated for you. : ) ) itha vida periya nanddri kadan yennava irukka mudiyum. Ungala blog ulagathula prabalam akkitom’la.

Makkaley if at all you happen to see a m’aam similar to those mentioned above for heaven sake don’t tell that I told you all these : ) ) Apram she might take revenge on Junior Ponnarasi : ) ) Hahahah hehehe hohohoho.

Seri ellarum avanga avanga flashback poidatheenga.. oru idea neengalum yarathu unga teacher’sku ippo naa mela kanikkai seluthuna maari seluthanum’na oru post podunga about the teacher whom you dislike most or atleast make a mention in my comments column. So konjam I will get a feeling that I was not the only one in world who was insulted so badly :D

Have a nice day,