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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why is it that women are more possessive than men are? Or is it just perception??

Why is it that women are more possessive than men are? Or is it just perception??

Disclaimer: Women who can’t accept the truth, please don’t read this post; Men who think womankind is the worst sin of god also don’t read this post : )

I find many women are more possessive than men. They are possessive to another human being (of same sex or opposite sex) or some things/object or plant or something. Is it because majority of them are naïve compared to men? Or the whole concept is just perception.

For example, any girl after marriage expects that the guy’s world should revolve only around her. In many cases they are not allowing the guy to talk to his Siblings, parents also. Sounds weird? Yeah it has happened this way and is still happening. I can write a big list of women like this but I hardly remember men being like this. May be a handful of men are of this sort.

I had 3 close friends in school life and yeah they are still my friends. Fortunately or unfortunately there was only hatred among the three. So I can never have a good time with all the 3 friends. One among the 3 friends told “I hate ‘X & ‘Y’ because of you”. I was appalled and asked how that could be. And I got the answer “I don’t like you having lunch with them, talking with them in short being friendly with them”. I would only call this as possessiveness. I was always wondering why all my 3 friends are always in a cold war and later as said above I got an answer it was nothing but possessiveness.

Well if at all you realize that you are growing possessive then

Try to keep away from that person. I don’t mean run away just keep away.

Never let the other one know that you are possessive because there are people who will take you a ride knowing this.

Anyway it’s not a sin; it’s after all human nature. : ) So may be if we except the truth we can work on it and try to set right things. I badly wanted to post about this because if at all in future i become possessive any one can point and say "hey u spoke so much and wt r u doing now?".

Etho ellarum nalla iruntha seri Hehehehe…

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