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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sun signs!

This post is all about sun signs and the people who astounded me with their behaviors as mentioned according to their signs.

Had couple of formalities in college being in the final year. Clearing the library account was one among those. Kadasiya enna books ellam paaka mudiyumo, edukka mudiyumo oru thadava menjudalm'nu ponapo happened to see a book on Sun signs. kooda vanthavanga kitta 15mins apram will c u in canteen'nu seygai kamichitu book'oda okkanthen.

I continued reading about my sun sign. Piscean! Despite of being insulted by many of my friends with the most often asked question, 'you are a piscean???? ' I still tried to find some similarities with my sun sign.

I googled couple of sites as well. Hehehe.. Vela vetti illana ipadi than :P Well, you can also try finding the similarities and differences between your characters and the sun signs. Provided you are really jobless :D

Googled results from various sites, about pisceans!

  • Whoever said, "I don't want to be a millionaire-I just want to live like one," was truly reflecting the Piscean philosophy.
  • You may have read that the Pisces symbol of two fish, ? swimming in opposite directions, indicates that the Nep­tunian is torn by dual desires. It's not so. Dual desires belong to Gemini. The two fish in reversed directions symbolize the choice given Pisces: to swim to the top-or to swim to the bottom and never quite reach his goals. Pisces must leam that he is to serve mankind in some way, and eschew worldly possessions. Piscean Einstein, who swam upstream, formulated a whole new world of relative time. Pisceans who swim downstream serve by washing dishes or shoveling snow. The choice is always there, be­cause there's never a lack of unusual talent, but the fish, with eyes that see clearly on both sides, sometimes has difficulty seeing straight ahead. Pisces often retreats-either to the sublime heights of a dedicated professional life, or to stimulants, artificial emotions and false excitement.
  • Pisces may share compassion for the ill with Virgo, but he takes the extra step to try to understand the hearts of the burdened and the friendless, the failures and the misfits, no matter how weird or how rejected by so­ciety. The fish will gently comfort those whom Virgo feels are weak by choice, and therefore undeserving. If you need a dime or a dollar, a large loan, or just a small en­couragement that no one else would give, go to Pisces. You'll get no lectures and no glances of superiority. He judges no man-thief, murderer, addict, pervert, sinner, saint, hypocrite or liar. Greed, lust, sloth and envy will bring no critical wrath, if he's a typical Neptunian. His understanding overflows, along with whatever practical help he's able to offer. He senses every vice and virtue, and he knows each pitfall.

You'll frequently find fish who have buried their personal dreams to brighten odd corners of the lives of relatives and friends, or to bring the gift of tears and laughter to the public through the stage, at the cost of the privacy Pisces seeks and needs. Yet Neptune is a deceptive planet, capable of giving birth to natures that twist and turn in two directions at once, distorting the truth, an influence which often causes Pisces to hide his real emotions.
  • The Pluto of Scorpio combines with your Neptune in a unique manner. It adds up to intuitive knowledge in both of you. You tune in on Scorpio. You learn, and teach: you and a Scorpio might make a wonderful pair in teaching metaphysics. That is, you are a team that could promote the unusual, the unique, and the areas, which are usually reserved for people with exotic tastes.
  • Pisces-Gemini is filled with ideas. And some- times the ideas are fired at you as if with a machine gun. It is up to you to choose the best, to be discriminating, to be selective. Gemini stimulates your intellectual curiosity. The two signs are not well aspected; there are problems to overcome. There are obstacles. But, on the positive side, these can be regarded as healthy challenges.
  • You are generous, caring, and kind. However, you tend to be more concerned about other people's problems than your own. You are not a decisive person and may change your mind many times. You are also a follower, but you do not always choose good leaders. Because of your good qualities, you are popular with many types of people, but when you are secretive you drive these friends away. Weak concentration skills can get you into trouble at school.
Sabba, Ippovey kanna katuthey ;) Seri seri.. Yarum enna thitatheenga for wasting ur time :P Anyone interested to contribute to extend the interest in this study, please drop in your date of birth and you might have 2 answer couple of personal questions as well..... Hehehehehe


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Saturday, April 07, 2007

The intimacy in few relations are shortlived???

Couple of things kept me busy for a while and here am with a very nice template given by Badri and an inquisitive post.

There are so many people we happen to meet in our life. Among which only with quite few we establish friendship and not all friends make a profound impact in our lives. Friendship is the only word which can be used to define a relation between a 19 year old and 90 year old. There might be a very good friend with whom we share everything that happens around us and as days pass by each of us might get busy with the new phase of life or get busy with the mechanical life. Then the closeness in the relation slowly reduces. Of course we don’t forget the person who was very close to us at some point in life but still we feel something is missing. We still might be in contact with that friend but the voidness in the intimacy would be felt easily.

At every stage of our life, there must be someone very close or someone whom we really liked much. As soon as we think of the days in school, in college or in a particular house or in a street or in an office there must be some one flashing in our mind who was exceptionally close than the rest of the others. I just happened to see a photo of me and one of my friend who was very close to me few years back. Her grandfather had professional contact with dad and then we happened to be more of family friends. She used to stay with us in our house and we have had all kind of pranks and plays and talks. There was nothing that we failed to do together. Now their place is far from ours though we are still in contact. But still the intimacy which we had that time is missing. The situation is worse if there are best friends among which the genders are opposite. And one gets committed to work or to another person in life and again the intimacy is lost. I was just wondering in few relations if the intimacy is very short lived or it appears that way. But I just learnt that never fail to express that you feel great, comfortable with that person at that point of time. Practically speaking being close with all the friends from our childhood is not possible. Express that their presence in your life is valued with your words or a warm hug would speak more than any number of words. At least you can be happy that you made some one feel great about oneself.

Expressing that you are happy because of some one is a great open secret but very rarely we realize and make use of it. May it be between friends or between a student and a teacher or between mom and kid or between husband and wife or in any relation, express their presence in your life is valued and it can never be replaced we will happen to see enigmatic happiness in oneself and in others life as well.