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Monday, October 30, 2006

Ajith- The Ultimate Star

I have few very important notes before proceeding to read further. :)

1.This is not yet another movie review.
2. Am not a crazy fan of Ajith or Asin .
3. Am yet to see the movie :D .

Heard that the movie "Varalaru" is going to be a big hit and its not just yet another dual character but 3 ajiths. Hahaha! Well, you might be wondering among all the actors why does he alone deserve a post in my great blog :P He is a man of courage. Many of us would not even turn the next day to school if we had failed in a running race. ;) It needs lot of courage to stand again after a great fall. That too a fall which is more like a life or death situation. And giving a try again after falling in front of so many people needs real courage. Ajith doesn’t attract people because of his smartness or his style, he attracts people for his principles which many of the actors lack. He is a person who has his own, distinct principles. And of course he has gained many fans like me because of those principles. :D

I am trying to go to theatre and watch this movie. Paatha theatre'la thaan paapen :).I wish everyone tries to do the same : ) Practically its not possible to give him money or a movie but watching a movie indirectly does all these ;) So ithayathu panuvomey Even if you don’t like Ajith there is this female Asin atleast for her please watch the movie in theatre only : ) Illa Asin and Ajith rendu perum pudikathunaa..Enakkaga konjam poi paarungoooo ;) Hehehehe…. Doing this is not a great deal for such a great personality. The great personality’nu naa refer panrathu is Ajith and not me or Asin :p. Naa Ajith pic mattum thedi paathen onum avlo nalla illa. OK'nu irunthathula Asin was also there..Seri kootam koodumey'nu pona poguthu'nu potuten.. Bytheway inga paathi peru Asin moonja paathu thaan intha post padicheenganum I know.. I know I know :P HAHAHAHA... Its too late... :O Going 2 sleep! Tata!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy bday 2 my blog! :D

Innayoda oru varusham aagudhu indha blog start panni : ) Happy bday! Hehehehe.
Ok! Matter'ku varuvom... Have been tagged by Badri .
This tag is called Weird tag. I am supposed to write 6 weird things about me. : )
Eluthuratha pathi onnum ila.. Neenga ellam bayapadama iruntha seri ;)

1. Psycho in me: If I don’t like someone I try to irriate that person for nothing. I know this is silly.. maathikanum
2. Thinni pandaram : Ethathu sapdanum’nu thoni athu veetla irunthutta podum neram kaalam ellam kedayathu… hehehe night 2manikku kooda saptruken.. By the way am talking about snacks and not about food : D
3. Kids: Whenever I try to gain kids attention, they just don’t pay a shit. They ignore as if am doing some job of mine. paathuttu sattaye panama thirumbunga.. Punch- They sleep as soon as they come to me! Makes me go crazy. Infact ithanala I don’t know to play with them.. Hahaha
4. Dreams: I don’t get dream that frequently. People say I do get but I forget. I feel not getting dream is really weird. Off late am getting couple of dreams :D
5. No weird: Hehehe… Yenna panna thedu thedu’nu thedren..Weird kedakkavey matenguthu :P
6. Bore Factor: I often get bored. And its too often that I don’t feel like watching a movie for long since its boring. Instead Fast forward panni Climax mattum paaka thonum ;)

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Pls check out your comments column. If at all I leave any1 who is interested in writing the tag…Jus gimme a hint, I would tag… :) Tag panittu apram bulb adikiratha vida ithu parava illa :)

Have a nice day,

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thavani- Valayal- Marudhani!

Thavani- Valayal- Marudhani - The trio package missing off late!

Intention of this post is to rejuvenate the memories of the above trio pack. Ippo ellam gramathulaye ponnunga thavani katrathu illa. ithula enga nagarathula. Ithellam pathathathukku intha thuni kada karanunga to make money puthusa pudavai’la pocket’am. Cha. Asingama thitanum pola varuthu. Urupuduvaanungala… Like pant pockets! Am nt sure about the shop’s name.. Let it come 2 the market. Naaradichidalam

Daily wear’a iruntha kaalam poi ipo ellam wearing saree and poo vekrathu ellam occasional wear’a pochu… Etho oru kalyanam, bday na thaan wearing.. Hm.. Infact even if we wish to wear its like some what odd because we got used to not wearing and wearing only on occasions.

North india’la irunthu vanthathum vanthuthu intha mehendi marudhani kaanama pochu. But ithu alteast okay. Not bad! It has its sign somewhere atleast. Valayal innum mosam. Valayal irukra edathula kerchief illa cryband thaan iruku.. Seri etho ellarum nalla iruntha seri.

Athaga patathu naa yenna solla varenna.. lets propose a day for this trio pack and make it a must for the gals to wear it that particular day… Say it like TVM day.. elathukum day iruku…ithuku iruka koodatha. Propose some day with some valid reason. And it should not be like yet another bday or wedding day which comes once in a year. It should be atleast once in a week! Or atleast every month 2nd Friday something like this. ;) Propaganda panidalam.

Comedy! Intha post’ku oru podava katna ponnu photo net’la theduna. Kedacha ponnunga ellam podavaya kattama kaila pudichittu nikuthunga.. : ) ) I was searching for a photo where the girl should not look @ the camera.. Ithu thaan kedachuthu. Antha ponnu kaila irukka mater matum kindly ignore! :P

P.S: 1) As usual--- nee epdi naa epdi ellam personal quesn kekka koodathu pullangala :D
2) Thanks to Vaishnav & Balamurugan for the Photo source :)