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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Its about nothing but me!

Its about nothing but me!
This post is just a small update from my side :) There were lot of friends who were really concerned about what I am upto having been disconnected from the Virtual world for quite sometime. Joined Wipro (Hyderabad) in the month of Jan and hence the sudden vanishing act! The place (Hyderabad), the people and the office are all good so far. Last weekend have been to Charminar and Shilparamam. Have planned many other places as well for the coming week. Wipro had culturals last weekend which took place in People's plaza and we had a real great time.
Things that I wanna pen down jus for tha sake of reading after years to cherish these memories..
1) 1st Day I was not given the access card but the id card alone and without the access card I was trying to swipe in like a fool. After a long time, one person came and told, your card is not recognised and check if you have access card. Till then I didnt know there is a card behind the id card :D
2) Wending machines can be used without paying :D Hehehe.. This is one thing that really fascinated me! I badly wanted to make a note of this because as years pass by these might be something thats very usual in life. : )
3) 1st time being away from home has both good and bad experiences :D
Hostel life is too good. Got acquaintance with lot of people and its good to see people with various culture and lifestyle. :D Chatting till 2 or 3 about what happened in the day, who spoke what, who did what, in between arguing, fighitng and teasing is all total fun :D
I feel there are lots and lots to share while I talk over the phone with near and dear ones : ) .. Each and every second has millions of incidences to be shared. :D In short life is happening and kicking :D
I still remember that I have some pending tags to be written which I promise to do it very soon. Thank you for the awards from Shalini, Kutti Balu, Sudhakar and Melanie.
p.s:1) I cautiously avoided the bad experiences like being home sick, food, too many responsblities (which I was not really prepared of :( ) etc :D Atha pathiye oru post potudalam :P
2) By the way let me know how the lay out of the blog post is since this is a new way, I am trying to make a post.
Ippothaku avlothan,
aprama kandukren
tata! : )
Have a good day!