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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Impact of Facebook in my life! :D

Hi Hi Hi...Atlast I have achieved opening successfully after months. :) Hope every one is doing good. Even though I missed my blogger friends and the blogs, I was too lazy to get back to the Blog routine. Now that I am back, I would like to share what kept me occupied or busy whenever I felt aloof despite of the fact that am home alone almost 10 hours of the day.

Even though I am in a different phase of life and I like it very much, there are times when you feel the void in life (mostly when my hubby is at work). These are the times I dig myself in 'Facebook'. I am sure Facebook doesnt need any introduction. But I am just surprised how Facebook changes lives. Some times I also feel that I get to meet all my friends/ family members whom I miss in no time. Oh Yeah, when i see its just the Virtual Meet :) And you have loads of games to keep you busy if there are none to bug in facebook or to be bugged at that point of time.

The negative aspect is You are contented that your social network is fullfilled and in the reality you do nothing about it. All you do is just in the WWW :) and not in the real 'touch and feel' life! :)

On an unrelated note ;) thanks to facebook and my friends in there :)
P.S: Its my 80th Post :D