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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cashing big on dreams!

For the first time a book inspired me to blog about it. If you are a person who would not want to spend time in useful reading then this is not the right book. If you are a person who wants to be in a dream world but not ready to have a dream of your own, then again this is not the right kind of book for you. There are so many people with different attitudes which everyone of us have come across but if you want to see a book which has a right attitude then this would be the apt book. Yeah, this is a book which expresses its own attitude in a subtle manner.

The author has mentioned about his personal and professional life with exact mixture very cautiously . It cannot be categorized as an autobiography completely and the book has managed to give a satisfactory read on the management side as well. Nice guide for young entrepreneurs.

The initial chapters deal with precise idea on setting your dream and the possible ways to approach it. The later chapters deal with the obstacles the author faced to realize his dream. The decline in his professional life after reaching the top-most designation in his entire career is very well explained. The way he managed to hit the correct balance between the professional and personal life is more inspiring and challenging. The author without much effort has explained the failures or the unexpected happenings which served as stepping stones that he came across. Many anecdotes make us realize that failures are not just for us but for great industrialists too. It makes us understand that the greatest achievements overshadows the greatest failures at some point in life. A few lines from the book would explain my above statement.

"Deven, I have been listening to heaps of praises about you for over two years. It looks like they were just baloney. I fought for you right up to Jack Welch. Now you have the guts to tell me that you want to quit. Go back and work on a blue print of making YMS sourcing the best global sourcing operation in entire GE and deliver min 8% productivity every year consistently. You have all the qualities in making this happen. I will give you four weeks to come back with your plan."

Apart from all these the author has also thrown some light on the country Japan, Japanese culture, language, tradition and the Japanese community. He has introduced a few words in Japanese along with English translation which makes the read more interesting. A few words that were very impressive which I could not forget are.

"Honne - is what you would actually say, do or feel. Tatemae- is a more logical answer or a view that you say or show to please the other. "

The author has taken great effort to speak his mind and heart with the right proportion. The above image might serve as a supporting fact for the above statement of mine.

Crystal clear facts:
  • Not the most spoken about book ( I was greatly appalled to see that the book had only one reader in a social network for books.)
  • Leisure read and not a book that demands serious attention.
  • 100% satisfactory read.

Author : Mr. Deven Arora
Pages: 162
Price: Rs 150