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Monday, July 16, 2007

Invisible, Imaginary friend!

A person gets all weird imagination and thoughts when he/she is either in a too good mood or when he/she is in a too bad mood. Few days ago while i was really in a bad mood and i got into my room i was thinking how good it will be if i have a person to share things that bothered me. Because not always you feel like sharing things that puts you off with everyone or even anyone at all. And also not always people are really free or ready to listen to your sorrows.

May be considering the comfort factor it would be great, if you have a friend who is invisible to others and visible only to you and who doesn't really exist at all.

What difference does it make from a reality friend???
  • You can vanish away the imaginary friend when you don't want him/her.
  • Imaginary friend will be always available for you.
  • He/She can be as nice as you want and never hurts/annoys you.
  • You have the liberty to choose the gender, the looks- height and weight, the complexion etc ;)
  • I don't mean devilish or any satanic effects
  • I don't mean to develop any psychological problem. Researchers have proved that it creates positive effect on a person and it need not be considered as a problem.
  • I don't refer to talking alone rather imagining someone is with you and you really don't utter words but still communicate with your imaginary, invisible friend.
"Researchers have estimated that as many as 65 per cent of children have had an imaginary companion at some point.

But it is not just children who converse with invisible companions. Explorer Dave Mill created his imaginary friend Nobody at the age of 34 as a survival mechanism during a solo walk to the North Pole." as said by one of the researcher.

So who is your imaginary,invisible friend? Have you had any in your child hood? If not create one soon and let me know who it is ;) *winks*

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kids or Young adults????

Infinite Talent shows,opportunities as child artists,unlimited exposures in TV and to the public, enormous fame and money. Kids these days have so many talents and proper opportunity along with right place to stage those talents as well. They get to move along with every one easily and come out of being shy bird easily along which the child being innocent also gets reduced. The more a kid is exposed to the outside world the more the kid is entitled to lose its innocence.Are kids matured enough to handle these?

Apart from these talent shows, kids are also going crazy about acting or modeling at a very young age. I was greatly astounded when a child artist in one of the interviews told "Enku neriya uncles kooda act panni, world famous aagnum'nu aasai". Mazhalai kooda maarala! :( I recently heard from a authentic source that a kid is being paid Rs 15K to 20K for a still in the modeling field. And kids who act as child artists in movies are even paid in lakhs. Finally they find no time for self improvement in the long run. They dont have time to their daily home works, most of them do not perform well in their academics. This not only disturbs the kids education but also affects the kids psychologically. According to a research Kids who are made to act in death scenes, who are made to cry before a dead body, casting like the kids close relatives are dead and the kids mourning for that, kids acting like mentally retarded undergo psychological problems. In order to avoid these problems other countries have a rule as to have a child psychiatrist in the shooting spot and kids are allowed to act only in the vacation. Here in India, there is a widespread news that parents are shifting from their own places to places like Mumbai, Kodambakkam where the opportunities for acting is more.

Kids tend to learn bad things from these exposures easily. Starting from using words that are not supposed to be heard from a kids mouth,using vengeance statements as told by the villains & villis in soaps & movies. Kids are no longer behaving like kids! Practically its hard to keep away from these exposures unless and until everyone in the society has concern about the future generation. Preaching & practice Starts from home. Parents avoiding fighting in front of the kids and avoiding playing blame games, avoiding watching violence movies/soaps would contribute to saving the vulnerable kids from bad things. No where i convey the meaning to grow kids naive. Exposure to the right thing at the right age is more important in young ones life!

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