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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mugtagging- Nice game!


Planning to do a mini project for the Open house. Was busy in that and hence could'nt update for few days. After a month I have a new resolution for new year. I have decided not to read newspaper and not to listen NEWS. I felt there is no point in knowing about things that are not within our control or for which we are helpless to do anything. I mean the National and International politics. It includes from laying road, water supply etc to Clemenceau, Saddam's unfair trials.
And have been mugtagged by GP. Visit GP's Blog to know more. Applause GP, you have really made a bunch of bloggers to do something on MUGPOST . In the process of searching my mug, cleaned my room. Anna bought a nice mug with Disney and Donald after his first trip to US. Could not find that :(( Er...Its going to bug for few days that I lost/misplaced :o . Anyway have a great weekend.

P.S: 1) Have decided to sign my name alone without dad's name after few of my friends raising a question "How do you sign your biiiiiiiiiiig name each and every time?"
2) Pls let me know if i have left anyof my blogger friends untagged.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

India- International Garbage???

Clemenceau found its way to India. For those who are not aware what Clemenceau is- It is a warship (France). Indian officials have agreed to load the wastes into our country. Inspite of the agreement, that more than 50% of the harmful elements should be already cleaned, Clemenceau seems to come to India in its same old form. When such actions has its effects even after several decades, I guess it should be cleared to everyone as what is happening. Many of us are unaware as what is really going on in this issue. Not only this, in the month of July when Nuclear Treaty was signed with U.S was not brought to the common citizens notice. These issues remain a black triangle for everyone.
Even in setting up ITER @ France, whole lot of share was burdened on India. Am wondering as who has the effective role in talking about this or raising a question? Is'nt it a common concern to bring it to citizens notice?? Pls do let me know if we can do anything in these issues.
By the way, almost all the jujubee (Small) culturals are over in the city. Its now time for the King. ;) Yeah, I mean the IIT- Saarang. Visit Those who have already missed the lovely opportunity to see our culturals, try to visit IIT-Saarang. No matter whether we are participating or not ;) there is nothing wrong in being an active viewer. For anything, they need spectators as well. :))
Sulekha has also a major role in this culturals. There is a blogging competition by Sulekha also.
Pls do visit the following websites to know more:
official saarang blog
Saarang sulekha blog competition

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Spending enough time with our family???

Its- culturals week in almost all the colleges, MOP, VIT, SRM, UOM. Any one bored in daily routine life or who wants to recollect your college days, give a visit to one of those colleges. By the way are we spending (enough) time at home? I am proceeding further assuming that the majority of the answer is 'No'. Actually I don't mind even if the answer is going to be Yes ;) I guess neither a working professional nor a student is spending enough time at home. A person who is working is busy in making business/completing his projects and a student is more interested in exploring, knowing about the outside world. The only difference is the latter one is not a compulsory task and the first one is a compulsory task. I realised this only when we had a power failure in the recent past.

Few years ago when this power failure was very frequent in our place, my siblings and me had a very nice time. We used to play Anthakshari, shadow games and anna used to tell so many stories like Thenali, Beerbal, Vikadakavi and a story where the prince should climb 7 mountains to reach the princess (Sorry I don't remember the Title). But these days even if there is a power failure we have inverters/generators. Apart from those all of us are busy doing research in our mobile phones, Ipods, Mp3 players, Discman etc. Though these electronic gadgets have made our life simpler and colorful. We should agree that, it is also taking much of our time. Oh, how can I forget the free talk time, free roaming, free messaging services, if you buy one sim you can take another for free etc proposed by the mobile service providers to attract more people.

Why is that we don't have enough time
  • To dine together
  • To watch a nice movie
  • To have family get-togethers
  • To share our daily happenings
  • To talk about some general issues (From Suhasini's to Bin Laden's)

Is that we REALLY don't have time or is that we never gave a thought for it? Spare a minute to answer this, which will let us know if we were missing a greater part of joy in our life.

Have a nice day,

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Years are passing by- Getting old day by day-Am not a teenager anymore :(

Happy New Year! Wishing others and getting wishes from others always gives great pleasure. I guess this is the only occasion where we can wish anyone unlike other religious festivals, birthdays, anniversaries etc where we can wish only one particular person. Happened to hear a funny statement while conversing over the phone with one of my friend. He said "I wonder why the hell these people are celebrating New Year not realizing the fact that we are getting older and older after each year". Till certain age all of us wish to get old but only after few years we realize the advantages of being young (not caring or bothering about things that are happening around). Apart from the most frequently heard sentence 'Happy New Year' there exist one another, "Made any resolutions?" For those who have made up their mind to read more books this year. Here are few tips, pasted from a journal. Thought it would be worth sharing. Even if not interested in this particular goal, it might give some general idea to organize our own goal or resolution.

PS: How do I blogroll? :-/ I tried in, but I dont find the list here in my blog. Help me with this pls.

Obstacle: I don't know what's good to read.

  • Decide if you want to read fiction or nonfiction
  • Ask for three recommendations from friends who read
  • Read reviews of books in your interest area
  • Make a list of three books or magazines to read

Obstacle: I don't have time to read.


  • Schedule 30 minutes of reading a day
  • Subscribe to an executive summary service
  • Take a speed-reading class
  • Adopt a Time Management Goal plan

Obstacle: I don't know where to get the best deals on reading materials; I can't spend much on books/subscriptions.


  • Check book prices at an online bookstore
  • Look for books at clearance bookstores
  • Subscribe to magazines via discount subscription service
  • Download a great work from the Internet

Obstacle: It's inconvenient to carry books and magazines around with me.


  • Schedule reading time at home
  • Download a book to your handheld computer
  • Get an ebook reader