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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mugtagging- Nice game!


Planning to do a mini project for the Open house. Was busy in that and hence could'nt update for few days. After a month I have a new resolution for new year. I have decided not to read newspaper and not to listen NEWS. I felt there is no point in knowing about things that are not within our control or for which we are helpless to do anything. I mean the National and International politics. It includes from laying road, water supply etc to Clemenceau, Saddam's unfair trials.
And have been mugtagged by GP. Visit GP's Blog to know more. Applause GP, you have really made a bunch of bloggers to do something on MUGPOST . In the process of searching my mug, cleaned my room. Anna bought a nice mug with Disney and Donald after his first trip to US. Could not find that :(( Er...Its going to bug for few days that I lost/misplaced :o . Anyway have a great weekend.

P.S: 1) Have decided to sign my name alone without dad's name after few of my friends raising a question "How do you sign your biiiiiiiiiiig name each and every time?"
2) Pls let me know if i have left anyof my blogger friends untagged.

Have a great day,


Paurna said...

mug tag???interesting..anyway what's ur project about what's this open it something related to ur college???

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Yeah Paurna,
Related to college. We invite school children mainly and display our projects with queries answered. Looking forwd to see your mug soon. Any sugestion regarding the project??

Have a nice day,

Paurna said...

oh god why did i ask bout the tag.k will have to search for my mug and will soon post it.btw before i can make any suggestions i need to know more about ur projet.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

@ paurna
Well. Am planning to do some MINI project in electronics using circuits. I can be more specific only after i really get some idea abt wht am going to do.

Paurna said...

sorry ponnarisi but i really dont know much bout electronics and hence will desist myself from advising anything foolish

Sindhu said...

Hey, by the talk abt open house, you seem to be in SRM 3rd year too!

Ram said...

I dont have a mug at all, i dont need one, if i had to post something i have to post my eversilver tumbler i guess, sorry :). Mini project aaa?
Kalakku po, inspite of being an electronics and commn. engineer i ve always had an aversion to circuits and electronics , i luv only communication. But what am doing now is definitely not related to my UG
:). My suggestion is that do something which suits our country's requirements instead of trying some hi fi stuff.

Paurna said...

completely agree with ram on his comments bout the for the mug tag,fate wud have it that i drop the only mug i had today evening and hence i can no longer make my mug tag.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

@ Sindhu,

That was a valid suggestion. Thanku! BTW, bomb mela bomb podreenga ;) U finished ECE??? :P
Naanga mattum daily antha kundan'laya tea kudikrom. Chumma scene thaan:)) Even I use only silver tumbler. Oops..Sorry eversilver tumbler :))

Had u posted the mug its a gr8 surprise. Now its not a big deal :P
You could have taken the photo b4 breaking your mug:))
Its applicable for Ram as well :))

Have a nice day,

Ideamani said...

Done !!

Tamizhan said...

Nice mug! :)

Is that you holding it up?

aval said...

Nice Mug and good idea for tagging. BTW, Having your father's name in signature is really a wonderful thing. Though I blog anonymously, my real name and my signature carries my father's name. Everytime he reads it his face lights up.

Paurna said...

hey i didnt deliberately break my mug.i was picking it up to photograph it and it slipped from my hands.i will post a pic of my new mug as soon as i get it.ok??

senthil natarajan said...

u broke the mug ah??

NaiKutti said...

not reading and listening to news-- thats a good resolution... lets see how long will it be before u break it :-)...

if u think u can't do much abt. it reading the news, then u might be wrong... our small contributions here and there addds up finally, just that we don't realize it :-)...

i would not read news because it gives a totally biased opinion but i don't think it would be possible to not know whats happening around :-)

Ram said...

I see some ppl gifting mugs for each other, i ll post if i get one as a gift OK va ;P

kanniya said...

err.. i tink i sorta missed the tagging thingi ?? .. i have a mug i don use it a lot tho its fulla petty change pents n all the other junk from ma table ... i got it when i joined the disney club or somethin when i was a kid then the star wars mug ... all the mugs made of china r up on the loft .. will post one soon :XD keep lokin @ ma blog .. hehe

regarding the proj ... this will a a kinda good proj put a counter for some "saraku" and make the sensor for for detecting alcohol for breath ( use ph sensor ) will b easy ... u can get the sensor circut on the net ... for "saraku" u can use some after shave if ur college does not allow TASMARK ...

* YAWNS * its 5 am again and i still @ work

Vidya said...

Hey there ,

I have posted a mug , well 2 mugs , right there for you !!

I have not been tagged before and I thought it would be annoying. But I had way too much fun taking pictures of my mug that I decided I would splurge :grin: and take 2 pictures !

Anyways , thanks for the tag !

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Tht was a very nice mug :)

Yeah its me. Pinna ithukaga poi alu pudikka mudiyuma :P ??

Completely agreed with u.

Yeah. I understood. Looking forward to see your new mug.

very true! Can't be without reading/listening to news. BTW where is your mug :O ????

Hehehe. Ok. When going to get the gift? :))

Nice idea. Thanku!

COOOOOOL mug. Both were really cute.

Have a nice day,

Ram said...

Gift ingaradhu aduthavangala kaetu vaanga koodathu avangalaa kodukkanum.

Might be the punch dialogue in some tamil movie later :))

kanniya said...

@ ram ... wer u not supposed to post ur gifts ... i kinda getting confused here ... ma brains too small :XD

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Dhoda :)) Yaru solrathu atha pathi??? Same side goal adikireenga :>
Neenga address kudukathathu thaan korai :P

Ram said...

What r u talkin about am confused now.
your blog has confused many ppl here :))

Ram said...

Innoru vishayam, ponnarasi in English translates to "Queen of Gold" right, but princessofgold means "Pon Ilavarasi" ille ? ;)

Vanathi said...

Check out my blog and see the mug :)

smiley said...

Thanks again formugtagging me, check my cup/mug

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Naa confuse paninena? Illa thaana confuse agaraangala? :> Ithuvey purilaya?:P
Yeah, Ur translation is absolutely correct :( Sothapiten while creating ID...But then this one became quiet famous. ;)

Tht kitty mug was cute:)

Tht was a very nice mug. Water inside? Or ;)

Have a nice day,

Ram said...

Gr8, ippo neeyum confused aaa, instead of getting tagged everyone is gettin confused he he ...:)

smiley said...

Thanks you liked my cup, did you check out Tamilan's reply for using gmail account as a harddrive?

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Ayoooo... athukku yenna santhosham'ba.

Will check now. Danks:)

Have a nice day,

Known Stranger said...

un perrliya azhaga irrukkarathu anth akothandaraman.. nall peraa yeppadi vitta..

more than the mug - the hands attract. heiehieheie ei ellam orru jollu than.

Ghost Particle said...


Raghs | இராகவன் said...

Good to see the mug! in the foto...

was it u holding the mug? :)

//Have decided to sign my name alone without dad's name after few of my friends raising a question "How do you sign your biiiiiiiiiiig name each and every time?"

so thereafter u seemd to use only ur name and not ur initial expanded!!

but now what happened? looks like u reverted back? :)