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Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam executed! Is this justice???

Terrorists are people who are to be alienated or punished?
Am not justifying their actions rather trying to see the other side of the coin
Terrorists are after all working for a social cause unlike us the people and the politicians. They don’t demand for lakhs and crores to make a sophisticated living. Instead they are sacrificing their lives for their people to make the people live. Whereas politicians like Mr Bush ,Mr Blair are being paid to invade a country’s privacy and these politicians are doing things to make their living. Are they working for a common cause like the Terrorists.
Why are terrorists created?
When your voice and desires to be fulfilled happen to reach deaf ears, you naturally try to take a powerful weapon to make things done. At times this weapon happens to be violence/terrorism.
When Bush and Saddam are like two kings to each of their countries, who gave the power to Bush to invade other country. Well, he did suspect that death causing weapons are being made and he found nothing of that sort. Is it not time for him to feel guilty for this first of all? Is it not other countries responsibility to warn U.S not to enforce power on Iran this way? Is it not the responsibility of everyone living in this world to raise voice for such an injustice?
Death Penalty for Saddam:
Punishment for even the most heinous crimes should have the intent to reform the convict. The death penalty helps neither the accused not society. It only creates hatred and more rivalry.
Whatever be the case, Finally a great man is dead.
May it be Veerappan or Saddam or Osama, they have some notion. And that is not self centered like the others in the world. If we say Mahatma, Nehru or any other freedom fighter is great. Even these people are great and to be respected in some other way. Everyone falls under one category “Fighting for common cause”, “Sacrificing their lives for others well being”. Terrorists are not after all fools to alienate themselves and make the toughest living.
Ask a poor or a rich What his ultimate aim in life is One’s might be to earn money,fame or to get his/her true love. But it all leads to HAPPINESS . One after all wants to be happy. And so does the terrorists feel.
Happiness and fulfillment will come to you not when you are making yourself the centre of your universe but when you forget yourself and look outside.
Sacrifice something for someone and you will know what real happiness is. Initially you might feel aloof from the world or even a loser but in the long run you will feel proud of yourself : )
Disclaimer: Am not saying all that Saddam did was right.. Rather the way he or this issue was treated is bad. Him killing many people is a differnet issue 2 b dealt with. Am just talking about a ruler being treated like this is unfair.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

As stolen from My diary

Make a guess abt these places name in the pic... Hehehe...

Awesome Vacation. This vacation was too good. Listening to favorite songs in Mp3 player that am obsessed with for the past couple of days. Few are….
1) Paint my love
2) Yen veetu thottathil poovellam kettu paar
3) Anbey yen anbey
4) Sorry seems to be the hardest word
5) Paakathey Paakathey panjangatha pakathey…Hehehe.. Cool song…
6) Uruguthey maruguthey…

Makes you feel contented in life, if you have your loved ones around you in the travel, listening to your favorite songs, gazing at the cloud and stars from the train window, at times glancing the novel which I tried to read. Maaan, I tell you one can do anything in world for this moment to happen again in life. Among the loved ones of mine had only 3 of them in this journey. Had I had all of them in the trip, would have jumped up and down. Had gr8 time... Took 150 snaps :)) Photokku sirichu sirichu tired'a pochu...Hehehe.. Semma scene ila :P Summava.. Unga ooru koothu enga ooru koothu..Oooru patta koothu than ;)

Every step in life is a chapter learnt in life. It makes a difference among people to people only on how easily one learns and how tough the other one learns. So I just learnt that b4 it gets tougher learn it effectively and proceed to the other chapters. ;) Am making an entry of this moment, so I can cherish these memories later and also hope that this day will come again & very often in life :D Any journey I never want it to end. May it be starting from home or leaving home. Destination should never come is all I wish for… But it never happens :((

Bytheway, Oru mukiyamana vishayam am nt this sentimental always… Epovathu enakula irukra poona mulichikum ;)

Imp. Note : We might not be aware that certain things in life would make us or the people around enormously happy. So give a try. If u r ever bored or fed up in life, plan a tour and have fun. Build up konjam over’a iruntha Kindly echukuse me.. ;) I felt I shud share this… Ithanala yarathu happy’ana santhosam thaney : )

And am aware I didn’t make a mention about the place or the places I visited because subject athuvaida koodathey ;) Subject line--- Be happy and make others happy : )

Making sure that your loved ones are safe and happy is what really makes you happy

Seri ;) uploading few photos..and try 2 make a guess were this place is…. :P

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Clearing!

First of all, My sincere apologies for posting few posts and deleting them. I will make sure that this will not be repeated in future. And this post is about a movie that i happened to see today. It was too good. And movie's title is : The Clearing . The story is about a business man- Wayne Hayes (Robert Redford) being kidnapped and the pain his wife -Eileen (Helen Mirren) undergoes.It depicts the true love between the couple. They both love each other but seem unsure of what their lives are all about now that the kids have grown up and left home.

In any relation, trust is the basic need. But, never have enormous trust is yet another lesson. At times you pour loads of love and affection along with trust and the person doesnt value, you feel all the more worse. And this psychology develops like a cat and milk story. ;) Soodu patta poonai thirumba paal kudikka varatham. Katha therilana ask me :D Solren! So atleast for few days you dont trust anyone and on the whole you dont feel like being yourself.
Well this neglected feeling is not only between Lover and Lady love, Husband and Wife, its happens between two friends,workers or anyone. If the trust is shaken, the relationship is also shaken.

This movie speaks about true love which is way beyond just meeting and dating. So watch this movie when you find time, though its a old movie.. :)