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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Your Vows please ;)

Licence to Wed
A movie which makes you understand what to expect in life after marriage. Me being a supporter of Love marriages, have always been thinking that only love marriages are nothing less than perfect, this movie has made me think in a different dimension. This is not a statement which conveys that the movie has depicted the negative sides of a relation between two couple who has expressed their willingness to live their rest of life together but has also depicted the corrective measures to be taken when a relationship is likely to sink.

The first half of the movie goes around with the prior statement of mine in the above sentence and the rest of the movie with the latter statement. Heroine’s family members play a major role in conveying that a commitment like marriage not only requires the understanding of the couple but also the sociability that’s developed with either of the family members by the couple.

(Hero – Ben and Heroin- Sadie) Robin Williams plays an effective role but his sense of humor in this movie is not as impressive as in his other movies. May be it is justifiable because of the subject of the movie and the role he played as well. Nevertheless the message that his role conveys is highly effective and it does make a profound influence on the way you look at marriage. For all my friends who have recently got engaged and few others who have got married, Badri and Indu, Senthil and Mrs Senthil, Jagan and Jhansi, Dinesh and Mrs Dinesh,Senthil and Preethi, Aditi and (Aditi’s Fiancée) *Aditi, sorry di :D Name aprama unkita ketutu edit panren*, Revathy and Shankar. I wish an incredible journey with a wonderful partner.
Special wishes to Sanjayan and Uma who are gonna celebrate their 1st anniversary in the near future :D

Actually who are likely to get engaged list’um podanum but pinnadi pala pin vilaivugal santhikka neridum enbathal pona poguthunu podama vidren :P Purinjukka vendiya nanbar nanbigal enoda nalla manasa purinjukongapa! :D

Few inspiring vows made by the guy from the movie:
1) I promise not to check out your hot sister
2) I promise to clip my nails (once in a while)
3) I promise to give you a hug whenever you are down
To make it more inspiring and interesting, comment your vows as well. : D Who knows you might get your so called wonderful partner after reading your vows here :P