You are one among them : )

Friday, August 03, 2007


You are expecting some forward mails or some quotes looking at the title? I don't have any of them here. Something more interesting than those! Yeah! Realistic feeling when life really sucks! It is the time when you get reminded that you forgot to sleep while you were mulling over something. And sometime around 3AM you get a SMS popping in the mobile conveying that your replies were indifferent asking if things were alright. And you have few mails asking explanation for the act of disappearance and not responding to their calls or mails or messages. Of course all these puts a smile in your face at least for a moment for some of your friends who bothers about you. But still what good is it gonna make to things that you are bothered about? You eventually realize that its high time you learn to cry with out tears, time to learn to cry without sobbing. Because you don't like crying in front of others! Anyways am glad that i was being cared about despite of me trying to act normal. To certain others who think "Hey! Were u pissed off. But u never sounded that way when i spoke with u" then its time to appreciate that am adept @ pretending. And to the rest who really didn't realize that i still exist in this world, I agree that there are 1001 other useful and important jobs for you to look after. Friends who have been telling that "am with so much of positive energy", "R u doing anything related 2 HR, u sound more like a relationship expert ", here is the other side of me! I am not all that I sounded always! May be how people take things to their heart really differs from person to person. And thats what sensitivity is defined as.

By the way am not looking for any sympathies or empathies here. And more importantly any en queries about this post by any means will not be encouraged. After all no one is ever happy and no one is ever sad! Intention of this post is just to use my dear blog as a source for venting out my emotions.