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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Greatest glory in living is not in, never falling, but in rising every time after falling!

Greatest glory in living is not in never falling, but in rising every time after falling

I just read the article about Former President Saddam's trial in newspaper. Capturing another President and ill-treating and humiliating like this is something really unacceptable and unbearable. It raises a question, When such a condition prevails for a President what would be for other common citizens. Whatever crime President would have committed, he is the head of that country and the necessary protocol should be given. Had this been the condition then almost all heads of each country must be punished badly. Authorities of FEMA, in spite of knowing about the hurricane well ahead, refused to do any precautionary measures. But they were quiet sure and wicked to save their own skins. Who will punish these people? In fact a recent press release said, President also visited the hurricane, affected areas very leisurely, that too visited only safer places. So that includes President of America as well under the list. The mysterious reaction (keeping mum in Saddam's issue) of other countries, is still more surprising. Anywaz present concern is not whether he is guilty or not but the treatment given to him is unfair. After all he is a human too, when people are ready to forgive the criminals involved in the death of Rajiv Gandhi, why not him? Greatest glory in living is not in never falling but in rising every time after falling. Hope President Saddam has a rise too...

PS: Last sentence gives way to another interesting blog, "Forgiving Criminals-Practically acceptable or not?" ;)

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Jessica Klarkson said...
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cvraman said...

Thx for stopping by and leaving the comment, feels good ;-)

Ideamani said...

I personally dont think that forgiving criminals is feasible, unless we set up a really comprehensive psychiatric help center.

Known Stranger said...

yappa enna orru ullam... nanru.. nee vazhga un kullam vazhga.. i personally like sadam hussain. i wish he would make the americans shit through their mouth. he missed it and osama does it

Manikandan Ramakrishnan said...

If sadam is a criminal then most of the politicians are. I agree that the treatment given to him is not right. Anyway he should be punished but with dignity. He should be thrown out of president and heavy fine should be levied on him so that the money could be distributed to the people who got affected by him.

I think i am making some sense.