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Monday, October 24, 2005

Days are going without planning!

Study holidays are running very fast. Exams are around the corner. Nothing great for the past two days, except for wasting time... ;)
Thanks for the wonderful suggestions but its not my card its dad's and dad will never do all that. When I get one will follow your ideas @ thamizhan & kanniya. No idea about 'dead beat', pls give the answer! Let us know @ santhosh.
There will be some discontinuity in posting my blogs till my exams are over. Anywaz will turnup with loads and loads 2 share......Keep an eye in this space....Just out of curiousity a silly question striked, "Why do humans have the tendency to postpone?"


Manikandan Hariharan said...

thanks for dropping in comment in my blog

Known Stranger said...

Why do humans have the tendency to postpone?"

because they are humans.