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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Credit card holders - Beware!

It was a very pleasant climate, when I wokeup! The day went on well till my dad got his Citibank bill through post. Last month we were supposed to pay 15000 and dad did pay, but the bill says recieved Rs 1500 with thanks! In a hurry I called to the citibank call center and enquired about the mistyped amount. The citibank employee at the other end answered very cooly, "No Mam, You have paid only 1500". Thank god the bill payment was done in cheque and hence dad had the passbook with proper entries. After saying that we have proof of paying the whole lot of amount well ahead of the last date, the lady said "Send the xerox copy of the passbook by fax". Irony of the story is this process would obvioulsy take another 15days, by the time next month bill would come with over due charges, late fee etc etc. Its becoming a tendency for big organisations like this to take advantage of others carelessness. So I learnt that we should always have a watchful eye in these issues like card bills, supermarket bills, postpaid phone connections etc. Climax of the story?? Yeah, even am eagerly waiting for the response that would be after they receive passbook xerox copy.

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Tamizhan said...

hi, came here thru Vijai's blog.

on one extreme are people like this. on the other extreme, are people who do all their diwali shopping and then throw away the card.

Some people actually move houses to avoid paying the bill!

Santhosh said...


Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Here is an interesting one(since we are talking about credit cards!), Who is called a 'Dead-beat' by credit card companies?


kanniya said...

well say ur changing ur address and give a non existant address spend as much as u can break the card n throw it down the drain and very innocently say u lost ur card .. :)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

No idea abt Dead Beat...Give the answer pls!

David said...

While searching for credit card online I just have not had the best search results. Maybe I need to create my own blog and let others post so I can get better info on credit card online.

Known Stranger said...

appadiya.. in 6 years i never had these problem citi treates me very well.

Raghs said...

i have a veryyyyyyy badddddddd experience..

do i share??

wat happened later??