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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

India- International Garbage???

Clemenceau found its way to India. For those who are not aware what Clemenceau is- It is a warship (France). Indian officials have agreed to load the wastes into our country. Inspite of the agreement, that more than 50% of the harmful elements should be already cleaned, Clemenceau seems to come to India in its same old form. When such actions has its effects even after several decades, I guess it should be cleared to everyone as what is happening. Many of us are unaware as what is really going on in this issue. Not only this, in the month of July when Nuclear Treaty was signed with U.S was not brought to the common citizens notice. These issues remain a black triangle for everyone.
Even in setting up ITER @ France, whole lot of share was burdened on India. Am wondering as who has the effective role in talking about this or raising a question? Is'nt it a common concern to bring it to citizens notice?? Pls do let me know if we can do anything in these issues.
By the way, almost all the jujubee (Small) culturals are over in the city. Its now time for the King. ;) Yeah, I mean the IIT- Saarang. Visit Those who have already missed the lovely opportunity to see our culturals, try to visit IIT-Saarang. No matter whether we are participating or not ;) there is nothing wrong in being an active viewer. For anything, they need spectators as well. :))
Sulekha has also a major role in this culturals. There is a blogging competition by Sulekha also.
Pls do visit the following websites to know more:
official saarang blog
Saarang sulekha blog competition

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman.


Dinesh babu said...

I used to go to Saarang to watch Jugalbandi and Western music competition. It was nice. I did my college in Anna Univ, so it was close for us to get to Saarang. This was in 1995 - 1999. Have to check, if Techofes is over for this year, its been a very long time I followed all this !

Kartik Kannan said...

Hi Ponnarasi.Very Kind of you to promote that URL .Thanks a lot..but a small change .. just as u have given a link.It would be great if u could link the same like this Official Saarang Blog and Saarang Sulekha Blog competition

senthil natarajan said...

though peace activists strongly protested the ship being sent to india... we have it now!
govt. reasons the wages ppl get in shib breaking yards!!! hmmm!
at the end of the day we have accepted it, though the international community opposed!

aval said...

We now know alang is not a matter of pe ride as government sees it but a curse on poor people. I wonder whether the architects from france will succeed in educating those poor workers on dismantling the ship without any environmental expolitation but sure they will succeed in erasing their awareness.

Tamizhan said...

Guys the bottomline is, did you do something about it?

(thats a left handed way of pointing out that i donate 250 bucks to greenpeace :D)

Paurna said...

good post was thinking about writing on this but u beat me to it.

"Pls do let me know if we can do anything in these issues"

well we have the right to information act under which we can try to get the necessary info on any govt related matter.i am not aware of the specs but i am damn sure this will involve a lot of paper work and will require our utmost patience and dedication.

smiley said...

One man's junk is another man's treasure... They are junking it in India because we had the cheapest quote to dismantle it and cheap labour.Maybe when we are a rich nation we can also be a bit fussy too

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Try going to Saarang this time. They have many new programmes added this time.

I guess the change which I have made was what you mentioned.

Yes, Atleast there were people who protested against this.

Very true! First of all the workers should be made aware. And those workers in France (Involved in building this warship) have started a group against this in 90's.

Perception differs!

Am looking forward for your post on this issue. Your style will be different from mine and you will have something which I have not mentioned. So pls do write! Thanku for that nice suggestion.

One man's junk is another man's treasure. Well said! And very true. But when will our nation become rich ;)

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman.

Ram said...

Hi Ponnarasi,
Saarang is an event that each and every college student atleast in Chennai shudnt miss out. Myself n frenz will always be there each year, this is the 6th year and we ve got the tickets for Shankar Mahadevan's music concert, since we r working now we cud be there only on a holiday :(
Regarding that dumping matter, Paurna has said everything that i had to say. I hope the government shud have some website where non military treaties and agreements signed with foreigners must be made available. That day is not far.

Manikandan Hariharan said...

I attended Saarang 2 years before ... Udit Narayan Cncert. The Spirit of ppl alone is enough to mesmerize you.

NaiKutti said...

Clemenceau is a disaster if it comes to India. Even people who used to work in Clemenceau while it was operational are now suffering from diseases afflicted by asbestos. Even if we make people aware, there are hitches because these people would argue that they have to lose out on the money.

Third world countries are dumping places for first world countries. With media, internet, these things are becoming very visible and thats a good thing. What you could do is: sign the petition at and this webpage has more details if you need.

Talking abt. clemenceau, even old and junked computers come to india where people in india do the speeration based on the metal and junk it later for money... and this also causes health related diseases. Just that its not as visible as the ship as even indian people dump computers in this way!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

@ Ram,
Hehehe nice that you make yourself free atleast a day. ;) And Am happy that am at present free(vetti). Glad to hear that the day is not so far...

Very true. Don't Miss this year too.

Thankyou! That was a very nice and useful info. Yeah, only big things are seen and I never knew about this computer stuff. Thanku once again for sharing a nice info.

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman.

kanniya said...

lol its like 5:30 and am @ work ... i never miss the sarang rock shows since like 1995 it had a diff name bak then how ever this year i wont be there ( no GF ) *sighs*

abt the ship ... true there are so many things that are bad abt the ship agreed ... but from what i can infer of the attitude that many of us has is dump the garbage outa ur compund ... may b the gr8 politicians r gonna dump em into pakistan ... j/k neways ... insted of talkin abt all this y dont u make a simple job make every one of ur friends to put the junk in a dustbin only ... and if possible make em spread the thought .. kinda difficult but its a start

i am not sure if i am asleep yet lol

டி ராஜ்/ DRaj said...

Hi, it my first time here and you have a nice blog.

Clemenceau is not just the only problem. You know those obsolute computers and electronic gadgets are shipped to india and people try to recover the gold used in wirebonding of Integerated Circuits. I should add, they do it in an unsafe condition by simply buring and melting the gold. It is extremely hazardous to those people involved as well as other living nearby. But this practice is going on unnoticed. :( I wish the government would take stringent action against these scrap dealers.

Tamizhan said...

@ Ponns

Check my blog for a rebuttal :D

susubala said...

Hey, I cross IIT everyday and found the Saarang banner the other day, hopefully on Wednesday. I remembered those olden days when we use to attend during my college days.

Ghost Particle said...

Hi! Its been long. Superb link and nicely written.

Im going to tag you now, youre mug-tagged...head to my blog for more info.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Che che...Unga area'la yarum kuppaya dustbin'la kotrathu ilaya? :O Which area r u from ;) ????
Thanku for spending time to type.

Yeah, I was unaware about the electronics stuff. That was an additional info. Thanku :)
And Governtment?? Taking action abt all these?? Hehehe Will that ever happen :-/

Thanku. Was happy to see my link in your post :)

Thanku for dropping in. And even now you can go and enjoy there. Today is the last day. Yday they had light music in OAT(no tickets).

Thanku for tagging. But I donno what tagging is :( Will find from your blog soon and will proceed further.

Known Stranger said...

verppu yethitaa pathiya saranga solli.. its okie..

recently i was discussing with a friend at dinner - he causally asked - do you know where is worlds biggest toilet ?

yennammo porri thatithuu but dont know what he is going to answer... soem said - in dubai - in washington..

at last he said - INDIA.

world biggest toilet is INDIA

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

@ Known Stranger
Hahaha..Sorry for verupithfying ;)

And INDIA bigest toilet'a :O Avamanam :(

Raghs | இராகவன் said...

that's an another interesting and good post ponnarasi..

well done.. keep going..

Raghs | இராகவன் said...

forgot to say, i happened to watch once when i was in chennai :)

no doubts, it was 'awesome'!