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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Be Proud to be a Indian!

Shock for the Nation!!! (Believe it or not)
Do you know thatRight now, India is the richest country in the world!
Wondering how? It's really amazing.

It's due to Mr. G Vaidyaraj, who donated all his
wealth, about which he actually did not know.
He is a descendent of Raja Krishnadev Raya from
Mysore district.

For the last 300 years or so, three stones were
worshipped in his house.But nobody tried to see what it was, except
person, who is a lawyer by profession.One day, when there was nobody in
house, he took the stone out to see what it was that they worship.
Due to the dust deposited on it, from many many
years, it looked only like a simple stone.
But when he touched it, some portion of the stone
was cleansed.
And he saw a bright ray of light.
He saw something which attracted his attention.
And he was amazed when he cleaned all of them.The whole room was
filled with light.
He discovered they were diamonds of about 4600 carats each.
He informed the Govt. of India and the news is censored with its

It's now deposited in a Swiss Bank.
The cost of single diamond exceeds the GDP of USA + UK.
India can buy virtually 7 developing nations.
Even World Bank does not have enough money to buy it.
One diamond costs thrice the debt of World Bank over India.
One such diamond can buy 10 Bill Gates to you.
And the World Bank has proposed the Indian Govt.
that it can pay India in Installment if it wishes to do so.
India's GDP is 34.25 billion dollars.
Bill Gates property is 95 billion dollars
approximate so that is the way "nature changes".
Mr.Vajpayee has refused to sell it.
He said it will be sold or mortgaged for credit when we need it.
Otherwise right now we have no problems.
You can go through Times of India with a small
column on it a week ago.
Star TV presented a 115 min documentary on it about
15 days ago.
The Hindu with its half page article in it.
After that it was censored as classified.

Another good news

is that in the Desert of Thar a deposit of Oil and Natural gas have
been found.
This stores what Kuwait has in its stomach.
India can go with this ONGC energy reserve with
another 30 years.
And moreover it can export it to other counties.

It's incredible!! But true.

An Indian boy in his 12th standard has disproved Einstein's "Theory of
Shocked? Read on...
Sudarshan Reddy has theoretically proven the existence of a sub-atomic
particle, which can travel at speed greater than that of light,
thereby challenging one of the
fundamental postulates of the "Theory of Relativity".
In his recent research paper submitted to the
Institute of Advanced Physics (IAP) at Trieste (Italy), Sudarshan has
proved the existence of a class of sub-atomic
particles called "leptons", which can travel faster than light.
The international physics community is shocked by this discovery.

Dr.Massimo Martelli, President of the IAP has this to say about the
paper submitted by Sudarshan. "After long, careful and critical
analysis, I can confidently say that Sudarshan's re search papers
show tremendous leap in our understanding of physics. His
investigation mounts up on "leptons". His work builds substantially on
the work of Einstein and others in the field of relativity."
When physicists from Princeton University tried to measure Sudarshan's
IQ with an IQ-meter
(at the American Embassy in Delhi), the meter broke down.

Sudarshan, incidentally, is the brother of Madhu Reddy, the Indian
whiz kid who developed an operating system superior to Microsoft
We should all be very proud of these boys.

PS: Shamelessly pasted from web.

Have a nice day,


senthil natarajan said...

ponna i guess all the news here are not true!

NaiKutti said...

i have read these before and i too think none of them here is has been one of those chain-mails which takes away our time

tamizhan said...

Edhaavdhu originala ezhudhu ma..

Selvan Subramanian said...

Paurna said...

hey ponnarisi,whats this.goin thru "bloggers block"?anyway all this stuff is quite old.didnt u realise that all this stuff is fake

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...
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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

@ Senthil,
Yeah! I did'nt know :-/

@ NK,
Oh, did'nt know.

@ Thamizhan,
Blog'la ithellam sagajamappa... I dont think there is anything wrong when I have mentioned "PS: Shamelessly pasted from web."

@ Selvan,
Thanku for that link.

@ Paurna,
Oh is it? BTW pls don't kill a nice tamil name. Ponnarasi and not ponnarisi.

Have a nice day,

My days(Gops) said...

@PS:"Shamelessly pasted from web."
"therinjadha therinjavanga theriaadhavanguluku sollaradhula thappey illa...(over aah irruka?)
btw, nice info..(ellam unmaiya?)

PS:- first i read ur name as ponniarisi only...(sorry yaar)

neighbour said...

After you completed ur studies and entered into S/W Engg life.. then you will come across all the fake news in the world in the form of mail which kills your time..

I received all the information mentioned in this blog.. throught chain mails..

Paurna said...

sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry again.i dont know how but somehow i end up typing ur name as ponarisi.from now on will take special care not to do so.sorry again

kanniya said...

hehe nember 1 gupsa ... nxt add my name also ^^**... nan kooda etho panni irruken ... enna nu inum yarum kandu pidikala hahaha ...

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

@ My days are counted,
Previous comment'la ellam kevala paduthirukaangaley :)) saying its not true. Atha pathum ipadi oru kelviya?

Haha. Ok.

Never mind. Its ok ;) Earlier i really got mad by reading mistyped name.

Yellarum athu fake'nu sonnapa kooda naa nambala. Aana neenga unga name'um add panna soneenga parunga .....appo thaan nambinen. Ithu bonggu, gupsa, kedi vela'nu. Hahaha.

Have a nice day,

My days(Gops) said...

sorry naan mathavanga comments ellam padikiradhu illai...
(apptamana poi nu theriyuda?)..
summa thaan keten...

tamizhan said...

@ Ponnarasi

I am not saying its wrong! Jus thats its kinda boring.. :)

smiley said...

wow, nice storied about diamonds. mebbe i will check out the stones people worship from now on

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

@ My days are counted,
Hahaha. Nalla pazhakkam. Naanum apdithan ;) Ithu romba too much'a irukkey :P

Well! I never feel rumours are boring. They are very interesting. ;)

Yeah, do that.. :))

PS: Will do the next post after my internals are over.

Have a nice day,

Ram said...

Seyal onnu illanaalum vaai mattum kizhiyudhu nnu solla thonudhu, but what to do am also an Indian and i ll support them he he ....

Ghost Particle said...

we get alot of this mails...maybe its telling everyone that were still alive and kickin...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Jst a RUMOR !!!

Known Stranger said...

unmaiyagava... will my salary in india increase by all these ? nan selfish paa

Avinash said...

Hi Avinash here!! This is totally fake man I got chain mail of the same and I was looking for if there is any news on Times of India or on The Hindu. I found - it is totally fake.....