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Friday, December 09, 2005

Nature's Play!

Hai! Was quiet busy in holidays and hence could not blog for the past few days. Though the weather was not favorable, had and having a nice vacation. Seems its now time for 'Nature' to play with the human beings. Still humans have their own things/place to fight for. Apart from these there are still many humans who raise a doubt - 'whether they have lost the characters to be identified as human'. The unfair trial taking place for Former President Saddam. Other countries like ours enjoy watching the big show. Hahahaha. Our country is incapable in questioning whenever there is some injustice-taking place to our own people in our own country. Then where comes the question of defending Saddam . But our people are good at blowing small silly cheap issues like the one that happened recently. I am mentioning about the empty vessels of the Tamil cinema industry, none other than Suhasini and Kushboo. Their image would have been held high, had they kept their mouth shut.
Irony is, these ladies don't have control over their tongue; neither their husbands have control over them. In spite of so much commotion and chaos, Maniratnam and Sunder remain only silent spectators. May be they have decided these people are completely out of control. There are still few supporters for these two empty vessels, is still more surprising. May be because they are good artists. But they should wander around and (loose) talk in their own field strictly not out of that. I am seriously thinking if there are any good person who could be mentioned as 'Really good','not selfish','not self-centered' apart from religious, spiritual personalities. Apart from our dad, mom etc. I mean in general, someone should be known to all,(Some famous personality). Pls, let me know if you think that there is someone as such.

Note: 1. @ Dinesh babu, I think its time to take off the trust on 'citibank'. May be their service was good long long ago........
2. @ Senthil, Iceyez & Dinesh thanks for dropping in a nice comment.


senthil natarajan said...

the kushboo n suhasini incident has been blown out of propotion n really makes me think about freedom of speech. i dont support or against her, just that the way people have treated them is really bad and reflects the human values that we have. thier spouse have been silent spectators n one good reasonl; that thier image in public.
may be can think of mother theresa...
yeah! feeling a lot better, was just a sinus and tonsils operation.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Er...They are paid for what they did. They can't speak ill about people tht way. After speakin so much they shud'nt hide under- Freedom of speech. If tats freedom of speech for them and ter also exist freedom of action for the others and tats wt they r showing. There are certain things that has to be spoken in public and certain other tings that has 2 b spoken only in private. These silly ladies made private issues public. I guess Freedom of speech is not to talk ill, bad and horrible abt others.
Yeah, Mother Therasa. But any1 alive...? :-/

Gud 2 hear tht u r doing gud. careful with drinking water.Take care!

senthil natarajan said...

ok ok... but i am still against the treatment they have recieved...the whole context on which she spoke was different. do you think all the people who revolted that way actually got the essence of her interview? I do agree with you that there has to be a discretion of public n private talks.
anyway lets not get into it.Yeah! drinking water is playing havoc in chennai these days.

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Anonymous said...

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Known Stranger said...

one thing - they are out of control.. ehihei nice wordings. i enjoyed.. nonthuruupan manirathnam..

citi bank - i still have trust after 6 years of using it